Disney Dreamlight Valley: Hidden Requirement for Wall-E Quest

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You will hit a wall as you progress in Wall-E’s quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley. The hidden requirement is to complete the Broken Memory quest. In addition, you need to raise your Wall-E friendship to level 6 to unlock the Forest of Valor Biome. In this guide, we will show you how to complete Wall-E’s hidden requirement and the Broken Memory quest.

Hidden Requirement for Wall-E Quest In Disney Dreamlight Valley

To complete the Wall-E, you need to remove the thorns around the village. It looks like a glowing green sphere, as seen in the image above. Once you have got it, you need to see Wall-E and talk to him. After talking with Wall-E, you need to enter his home, search for Electronic Components, and deliver it to Wall-E. After delivering, he will ask you to follow him to the front of the Dreamlight Castle.

You will speak with Wall-E and travel to find more Electronic components. Once you get there, you need to grab the shovel and start digging up dirty piles until the Electronic Parts come out. And the last thing you need to do is to craft 12 Tinkering Parts. To do that, you will need eight Iron Ingots.

To make Iron Ingots at the crafting machine, you must use Iron Ore and Coal Core from the material tab. You will need 40 Iron ore and eight Cole Ore to make eight Iron Ingots. When Tinkering Parts are completed, the F02937 M3 N07 machine will appear.

This was all you needed to know about how to complete the Wall-E hidden requirements for the Wall-E quest. We hope this guide answers your question.

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