How to Play Brawl Stars on PC

Start playing on your computer with these easy steps!

Brawl Stars is a fairly old action-packed game that is still going strong in 2024. With that said, even after all this time, the game has been mainly only available on mobile platforms. If you are a PC player looking to get into the game without having to whip out your phone, then read on for more information!

How to Play on PC

Simply put, as of writing this, there is no official way to play Brawl Stars on PC. Instead, you will have to download an emulator that will let you play mobile games on your computer.

Some popular examples of Emulators that you can use include the following:

Basically, once you download and install your emulator of choice, just open it up and click on the Google Play Store to sign in and download Brawl Stars.

One thing to note is that you should have a stable internetconnection. Since you’re going to be playing on PC, it shouldn’t be too hard to connect via ethernet cable.

On the other hand, if you are on Wi-Fi, make sure that you are close to your router to ensure better stability. Following these steps will give you the best competitive gameplay experience.

Brawl Stars being played on LDPlayer


As for the controls, most of the emulators that you can find online will let you fully rebind the keys to let you make the most comfortable personal setup.

With that said, by default, most well-known emulators will already have stuff bound to controls that will feel very familiar if you play other games. These buttons will also likely be displayed on your screen.

For example, movement will be tied to “W A S D”, while certain attacks and abilities are going to be bound to your mouse buttons or other keys.

Brawl Stars gameplay with default Bluestacks PC controls on screen

That is pretty much everything you need to know in order to try out Brawl Stars on your PC. If you are looking for other mobile games that will work particularly well on an emulator, check out Warcraft Rumble as well!


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