Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Catch & Feed the Cobra

Get your slithering friend his favorite food.

Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Catch & Feed the Cobra

There’s a huge varity of companion animals to pick from in Disney Dreamlight Valley now and Cobra is one of them. This elusive creature can be found slithering around in the new area near the sand dunes. And like a true carnivore, the cobra’s diet also consists of protein-rich options we’re going to list down below.

How to Catch & Feed the Cobra

The cobra is among new animals added to the game with the addition of A Rift in Time expansion pack. Players can explore the Eternity Isle where you can find capybara, monkeys, and the cobra.

Where to find a cobra? The cobra can be found chilling in the desert area of Eternity Isle. Their color actually contrast with the sand, albeit small. And approaching them should be done with caution or you’ll keep scaring them and they run quite far like Raccoons!

Cobras come in five different colors: Blue and Red Striped, Green and White Striped, Pink Spotted, Classic & Yellow and Purple Striped.

What do cobras eat? As you can guess, they have quite the carnivorous appetite with their favorite food ranging from the scorpion to eggs. You can fish out their favorite scorpions from the sand dunes. Or purchase unlimited eggs from Chez Remy for 220 Star Coins each.

But before you can feed them you have to approach them carefully. And to do this, you must get their attention by getting close enough to them.

You can walk closer when they set their head down and stop when they put it back up. If you fail to follow this rule, they’ll run away.

And that’s how you can find a cobra and how to feed it in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

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