Disney Dreamlight Valley: The Flying Metal Nuisance Quest Guide

Do you have to dress up like a robot to do this?

Disney Dreamlight Valley Eternity Isle

Doing quests in Disney Dreamlight Valley is the only way you’re going to get in deeper inside of Eternity Isle.

But sometimes, there’s a few objectives that simply refuse to let you progress. When that happens in a kid’s game, you can’t help but think about how Mufasa deserved to be thrown off a cliff.

There’s plenty of objectives to cover in The Flying Metal Nuisance, you’ll see some familiar faces outside of the animated films as well! Keep reading the guide below if you want to find out more about this quest and get closer to the palace!

The Flying Metal Nuisance Quest Guide

The Flying Metal Nuisance is the next quest you’ll be doing during your trip to Eternity Isle. You’ll unlock it automatically when you make it past the Ancient Gate.

To unlock the area that gives you this quest, check out the guide we have for The Secrets of Eternity Isle.

Jafar will also give you an upgrade that lets you clear the debris blocking your way in The Docks. And yes, the “flying metal nuisance” is EVE from WALL-E.

A bit harsh but this is Jafar we’re talking about. Here’s the rest of your objectives summarized:

  1. Talk to the “flying metal nuisance.
  2. Talk to Jafar at one of the Hologram Stations around Ancient’s Landing.
  3. Go inside EVE’s House in Ancient’s Landing
  4. Remove the Piles of Junk inside EVE’s House to find a clue.
  5. Look for the Hidden area in the memory.
  6. Search parts of the Robot Costume.
  7. Gather Materials for Goofy (GIVE ME A SIGN Side quest).
  8. Unlock Goofy’s Stall.
  9. Gather more materials.
  10. Cook the Best Fish Forever for EVE.
  11. Pick up the Royal Hourglass and Return to the Bridge.

NOTE: This guide continues with a detailed walkthrough down below.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Eternity Isle Map

Detailed Guide

EVE and her ship (or house) will be on the left side of The Dock area. Use your new upgrade to clear the rocks and talk to EVE standing in front of the Royal Hourglass. Do that and you can talk to Jafar again using one of the nearby Hologram Stations.

Disney Dreamlight Valley EVE

He’ll tell you to go inside of EVE’s house to look for clues so go back the way you came. Go inside and remove the piles of junk to find a clue.

The piles of junk are colored in blue, one of them will have EVE’s photo taken in a hidden part of the area. Talk to Jafar again to get that objective.  

Disney Dreamlight Valley EVE House

To check on the photo you picked up at EVE’s house, go to your collections and select Eternity Isle. The location is right behind the waterfall in front of the abandoned white house.

Go inside and look for two parts of the Robot Costume. You can find both of them by opening EVE’s Treasure bag. EVE’s Treasure bag is hidden inside a chest. The chest will be easy to spot since it has an inconspicuous shine to it.

Put the costume on by going to your wardrobe and talk to EVE again. She’ll give you the Best Fish Forever Recipe after you’re done talking.

You’ll have to Unlock Goofy’s Stall first if you want to finish this objective. A piece of his stall will be right next to the staircase, it has his face on it.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Hidden Area

Give Me A Sign

Once you get half of Goofy’s stall, you’re going to have to talk to him next. He moves around a lot so check your map to find his location.

Follow him back to his stall to start a different side quest: Give Me A Sign.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Eternity Isle Map

Now, you’ll be tasked with mining 25 pieces of copper and salvaging 12 pieces of Plastic Scrap.

You can easily get copper from mining the rocks that used to block your passage around the island earlier. Plastic can be gathered around bodies of water that don’t have bubbles in them.

The waterfall in front of the hidden area is a great place to farm Plastic Scrap. Give all the materials to Goofy when you’re done.

To finish this side quest, interact with the Scrooge McDuck sign next to his stall.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Eternity Isle Goofy
Goofy please, do you mind?

You’ll have more items to find once you gather the materials for Goofy’s Stall. These items include one Robot Fish, some Cumin, Celery, and a Sea Snail.

You’ll need these items to make the Best Fish Forever recipe.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Eternity Isle

Cumin is the easiest to find. You can find one right in front of the first Hologram Station in The Dock area.

Robot Fish only appears around Red bubbles, head onto the pier and fish for a while to get one.

Go back to Goofy’s stall to get some celery. You’re going to have to plant them first and wait a while for the crops to grow.

While doing that, you can head back to the pier again to get some Sea Snails. Look for white bubbles around the starting area and cast your line a few times until it comes out.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Eternity Isle Map

You’re nearly there! All you have to do now is cook the Best Fish Forever Recipe for EVE. Use all of the ingredients you got and throw them into the pot.

Go back to where you found the cumin flower to find the cooking pot. Give the dish to EVE and she’ll let you have the Royal Hourglass.

Return to the Broken Bridge at The Courtyard and talk to Jafar once more to end the quest.

And that’s how you deal with The Flying Metal Nuisance in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Doing this quest makes you wonder what other colorful names Jafar came up with for the others.

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