Disney Dreamlight Valley: How To Get The Festive Candy Ears

It’s like a Minnie Mouse hat with Candy!

With the new Festive items and recipes that you can cook and craft now, comes a lot of new items that you can wear. One of the coolest items so far is the Festive Candy Ears. In this guide, we shall be showing you how to get them. Let’s get started and get to cooking!

How To Get The Festive Candy Ears – Disney Dreamlight Valley

You shall need to go inside the Dreamlight Menu as shown in the picture above. Once here, just navigate to the second to last tab named Village. Once here, you will see all of the achievements and trophies that will give you rewards.

The one that will give you the Festive Candy Ears is called the Cookie Taste Test. The objective of this one is to make a total of 3 cookies and then just go ahead and eat them.

These here are the cookie recipes that we recommend you try cooking and eating for this achievement to be complete and for you to get your Festive Candy Ears:

  • My Hero Cookie – Butter + Wheat + Cocoa
  • Chocolate Chip Cookie – Cocoa + Butter + Sugarcane + Butter
  • Minnie’s Gingerbread Cookies – Wheat + Ginger
  • Wonderland Cookies – Butter + Sugarcane + Wheat + Vanilla

Once you have cooked a total of 3 cookies, you will need to eat them. Then just get inside the Dreamlight Valley tab and here inside the Village you will click on the Cookie Taste Test. This way you shall get the Candy Ears in your inventory. Congratulations!

We hope that this guide has helped you out with what you needed to do. Have fun cooking and eating!

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