Disney Dreamlight Valley: The Secrets of Eternity Isle

You’ll get closer to the palace eventually!

Disney Dreamlight Valley Eternity Isle Dock Area

Navigating through a sequence of quests that builds anticipation for a location in Disney Dreamlight Valley can be somewhat irritating, especially when you’ve been anticipating the chance to finally explore that place.

You finish one objective only for two more to take its place along with a whole new quest that branches further away from your initial objective.

Seeing that happen makes you want to get tossed off Pride Rock by a monkey. But all of that drama can be avoided by doing a bit of reading. Find out what you need to do in order to discover the Secrets of Eternity Islewith the guide below!

The Secrets of Eternity Isle

Once you interact with Merlin and the Ancient Vessel, you’ll be able to continue on to the island.

If you can’t find the vessel, that means the island isn’t loading properly. To fix that, you’re going to have to restart the game a few times until it does.

Here’s how your objectives will look like:

  1. Clear away the Splinters of Fate.
  2. Find the pieces of the Ancient Sphere as you explore Ancient’s Landing.
  3. Repair the Ancient Sphere at a Crafting Station.
  4. Put the Ancient Sphere in the receptacle next to the Ancient Gate.
  5. Go deeper into Eternity Isle.

NOTE: This guide continues with a detailed walkthrough down below.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Objectives

Detailed Guide

Getting to the island is easy since you can track the objectives while Merlin’s helping you out. Reaching the Ancient Gate by clearing the Splinters of Fate will be the last step.

The splinters of fate are the violet and green crystals scattered around The Docks. All you need to do to get rid of them is hold the “E” key whenever you’re close by.

All of them are in the general area so check every nook and cranny of the shoreline if you can.

There’s a few more splinters by the waterfall and the back of the house too. You also get a small reward for clearing your first three set of Splinters.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Hologram Station

Don’t forget the adjacent area too. You can get there by using the stairs. Finish cleaning up and go to any nearby Hologram Station next to talk to Jafar.

Your objective will shortly update to finding two pieces of the Ancient Sphere.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Splinters Of Fate

Go down the stairs and behind the white house, one of the pieces can be found in this location. You have to do a little bit of digging to actually get the item.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Ancient Sphere Location

The second piece of the Ancient Sphere is next to the giant tree close to the Ancient Gate. Look for bits and pieces of stars coming out of the ground to locate the pieces faster.

Get all of the pieces and your objective will tell you to repair the sphere at a Crafting Station. There’s a Crafting Station right next to the yellow house in the dock area if you need to access one.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Ancient Sphere Location

You’ll find the recipe for the Ancient Sphere under Functional Items. All that’s left to do is to place the Ancient Sphere in the receptacle next to the Ancient Gate.

That’s the gate right next to the Hologram Station you use to talk to Jafar. Interact with the gate by pressing “E” to open it and continue on.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Crafting Station

And that’s how you finish The Secrets of Eternity Isle in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Talk to Jafar again using one of the Hologram Stations in the new area to plan your next move!

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