DNF Duel: Launcher Tech Combo Guide

Pretty lady with a nasty bazooka combo guide!

Launcher as her name suggests is an expert in long and mid range combat. She’s pretty badass with her long-range attack combo using her launcher and various ammunition. Chipping away opponents HP is not an issue with Launcher since she can keep her distance and still deal a pretty good amount of damage.

But, keep an eye out if your opponent manages to get their distance in; this is where Launcher’s weakness is evident.

Here’s some combo you might want to learn to get the best out of Launcher.

Launcher Tech Combo Guide – DNF Duel

Launcher’s A and B attack (standard attack) complement her long range combat mastery which makes it more of a utility rather than a combo piece.

You should also be ready to move forward or back, depending on your opponents’ movement, as you’ll always want to sneak a well-placed grenade with crouching B to disrupt any advance your opponent might make.

Launcher Moves Set

Here’s some combo chain you might want to learn to get the best out of Launcher:

  • Air B – Standing A – Standing A – Steyr AMR – X-1 Extruder

This combo is perfect for cornering your opponent to set up some offensive barrage, follow this with another Steyr AMR and Cannon Ball

  • Steyr AMR – Steyr AMR – X-1 Extruder

You can follow the 1st combo with this one. Once the opponent is hit with a Steyr AMR follow them up with another rocket + Extruder. Remember to keep a good distance.

  • Steyr AMR – Cannon Ball – Charge Laser Rifle

When doing this combo, delay unleashing your Charge Laser Rifle (MP) for a split second to squeeze every ounce of damage out of it.

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