Secret Staycation: Where to Find Sakuramochi Location

So small and adorable!

There are a couple of new food skins you can get in Secret Staycation, and one of those skins is an adorable Sakuramochi! This mochi is hiding somewhere in the house, but it is not at all difficult to locate it. In this guide, we are going to show you where to find the Sakuramochi location in Secret Staycation pretty easily.

Where to Find Sakuramochi Location

The Sakuramochi is going to be located in the kitchen of the house. Because of that, you should first head to that room. In order to go there, simply leave the living room by using the door on the right.

However, this door might be closed, and you might need to push it open. Unfortunately, you can’t do that when you are a small food. For this reason, we recommend you pick a Watermelon skin first.

watermelon skin to push the door

Once you open the door, go to the bathroom and climb up the stool. Next, use the towel to climb to the top, and be careful with the blowdryer.

climb the towel

Once you are at the top, you are going to see a laundry basket on the right. The Sakuramochi will be hiding on the left side of that basket.

sakuramochi location

Do you want to see all the locations in one place? Make sure to check out our dedicated guide for All Food locations in Secret Staycation!

This is how you are going to find the new Sakuramochi skin in Secret Staycation! If you have questions or concerns, feel free to leave them in the comments section below.

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