Does Exo One Have Ultrawide Support?

Play Exo One in Ultrawide Screen!

Exo One is an atmospheric flight simulator that offers you to experience an inter-planetary world. You can fly through clouds and hillsides from other planets. Playing the game on an Ultrawide Screen can give you the best firsthand experience, but does it support it?

Exo One Overview

Exo One is a flight simulator developed by Exbleative and published by Future Friends Games. The game focuses on an alien signal given to humans for a spacecraft blueprint. After building the spacecraft, the player embarks on an interplanetary journey, allowing you to explore all the universe has to offer.

Does Exo One have Ultrawide support?

Fortunately, Exo One does support Ultrawide screens or 21:9, allowing you to increase your field of vision. You can do this by changing your resolution to fit the screen that you currently have. You can change your resolution for up to 3440 but you may experience some errors on the right or left sides. 

Overall, the game should work with a higher resolution after launching. You can also try launching the game in windowed mode and changing the resolution. If the issue persists, you can contact the developers to report your bug.

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