Does Exo One Have VR Support?

Can you travel to multiple planets in VR?

Exo One offers beautiful planets and places for you to explore. The game takes you in, giving you an immersive experience as you control the alien spacecraft in space. A VR Support would allow for a more immersive experience, but does Exo One offer VR Support?

Minimum Requirements

Before you can run Exo One, you need to check the minimum requirements needed for the game. Below are the Minimum Requirements you need to launch the game on your PC.

OS: Windows 10 or Higher

Processor: Intel Core i5 or AMD equivalent and higher

Memory: At least 4GB RAM

Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 650 or higher with at least 1 GB of memory

DirectX: Version 11

Sound Card: It should be Integrated.

Meeting the Minimum Requirements can reduce the bugs and errors you may experience when launching the game. 

Does Exo One offer VR Support?

Many players would love to see and play the game in VR. Virtual Reality can make it a more immersive experience. Unfortunately, as of the moment, Exo One does not have VR Support. 

The developers are focusing on clearing out other bugs that players are experiencing in the game. However, you can keep an eye out on their official page in case they offer to implement this feature in the future.

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Does Exo One Have Ultrawide Support?

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