Does Payday 3 Have Voice Chat?

How do I rage against my team now?

Does Payday 3 Have Voice Chat Feature Beta

There’s plenty of ways to communicate with friends and strangers while committing all sorts of heinous acts against society nowadays. Sadly, in Payday 3 that doesn’t seem to be the case as there’s no way to shout at the person triggering all of the alarms at the moment.

Of course everybody can just hop on Discord and share profanities there nonstop, or Skype if you want to be really professional. But some players don’t like adding randoms who they’ll never speak to again after they botch a single match. Check out the news we have for you below if you want more information about voice chat in Payday 3!

Does Payday 3 Have Voice Chat?

Regardless of the options mentioned earlier, when you’re playing a multiplayer game, voice chat is a basic feature that everyone should have access to by default. Unfortunately, Payday 3 doesn’t have it.

That’s already enough of a reason for old players to start screaming “Payday 2 was better” in the forums incessantly.

Communication in a game that relies heavily on cooperation is crucial to a match’s success. You can’t expect everyone playing online to be chummy enough to have each other on Discord or Teamspeak.

Mind you, Payday 2 – a game from over a decade ago, had voice chat. So, maybe those voices in the forums are on to something?

Does Payday 3 Have Voice Chat Feature

It’s just a matter of time before people explode over the lack of communication in Payday 3. But who knows, that’s probably what the community needs to wake up whoever decided that not talking to strangers online is a good thing!

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