Incursion Red River: Complete Beginner’s Guide

For new recruits, to Vietnam.

Incursion Red River: Complete Beginner's Guide

Extraction, FPS game Incursion Red River is finally in its Early Access and can be something that see a lot of new players to the genre, which this guide aims for. The Unreal Engine game is gorgeous with a lot of actions. It can be overwhelming if you’re not used to shooting games. But worry not, we’ve got your back!

Complete Beginner’s Guide

The core gameplay loop of Incursion Red River is the PvE extraction mission. It’s easiest to run the game on a single-player mode where you can slowly explore the map, weapons, and equipment. And currently, that’s the main mode people can play the game in aside from the Co-op.

There’s going to be a meta to the best kits to run, but it’s best for you to enjoy exploring the weapons yourself for starters!

Incursion Red River

Keybinds & Mechanics

As with most shooter games, we advise that you customize the Keybindings in the settings. Whether you want to use hold or toggle mode for crouching and ADS or rebind uncomfortable keys.

Keybinds in Incursion Red River.

Incursion Red River also has a peeking mechanic which is a function that admittedly not every player use. Rebind the keys for other functions if you don’t think you’ll ever use them. Here are some important default keybinds aside from your typical WASD and spacebar binds:

  • R for Reload
  • N for Night Vision
  • 4 for Map
  • Alt for slow walk
  • C for crouch (hold)
  • Q and E for lean peeking (hold)

Do be careful and don’t drop into the water area near the edge of the map. Finding your way back up can be one arduous task in the game due to the restrictive movements when it comes to vertical scaling.


There’s only one map for the Early Access of the game which is the Quarry. The Quarry has a factory, a military base, and the Quarry. These locations are fixed, so you can memorize where things are after a few runs.

Map UI in Incursion Red River.

If you’re confident in your skills, you can try raiding the bases. But if you’re not, knowing where these bases are will help you in avoiding them when necessary. Check the map by pressing 4 to bring up the tablet.


The Provided Loadout is a free way to do the mission. This is where the game provides the weapons, ammos, armor, for the game. There’s currently a system in the game where you can bring back these preloads and then sell them. That allows you to make extra bucks to buy more items at the Hideout.

Ironsight is horrendous. If you’re like me, get a scope as soon as you can. This may be the first out of the numerous attachments you can have in a gun. This is going to help you aim down a lot easier.

Looting enemies in Incursion Red River.

Obviously, you can buy them. But if you’re a complete beginner, there’s a way to get them for free. Which brings us to the next one.


Looting is going to be the very main way you make money and get a lot of free weapons and attachments. From scopes to mods, your enemies most likely carry a lot of equipment upgrades you can use for yourself.

Hideout Practice Range

Nobody is good at a shooting game right off the bat! Make use of the practice range to test out different guns and learn how to handle the recoil. Each gun has different recoil. Your basic AK-74’s recoil goes straight up, so make sure to pull down when shooting with it.

And that concludes the guide for the basics of Incursion Red River. Speaking of, here’s how you can find guns in Infection Free Zone!


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