Downloading & Playing Portal RTX Guide

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RTX, or RayTracing, has been around for some years now, going back to the 20th century. But it is only now that tech companies have finally found a way to implement this incredible technology into video games. With games like Call of Duty and the such taking advantage of the incredible visuals it has to offer, it’s no surprise that even old games like Portal are getting updated to have newer and updated visuals. If you are a Portal fan, you should know that Portal with RTX is now a thing, and you can get it by following this guide.

Portal – Download and RTX Guide

Make sure you have an RTX GPU

Source: Valve

It’s no surprise that games with Ray Tracing are more likely to work with Nvidia’s RTX graphics card series. After all, it’s in the name. However, getting an RTX GPU will literally cost an arm and a leg, maybe even a kidney. Nvidia’s RTX GPU’s are insanely expensive, as with all brand new GPU’s. But with Christmas time now upon us, you can probably get lucky and snag an RTX GPU on a Christmas sale.

Get the original Portal

Source: TroubleChute

Now that you have yourself a nice RTX GPU installed in your rig, it’s time to test it out and see how it runs by playing Portal with RTX. But before you do that, you need to make sure you own the original Portal. As it stands, there is no other way to get Portal with RTX if you do not own the original Portal, which means you have to cough up some more money.

But it shouldn’t really make a dent in your finances, as Portal is really cheap nowadays, seeing as it is a really old game at this point in time.

Update your Graphics Driver

Source: TroubleChute

While your game is installing, you should look to update your Nvidia RTX GPU. When new games release that has Nvidia features, like Ray Tracing or DLSS, Nvidia usually releases a graphics driver update to help run the game better. You can check out your graphics driver updates by going to the website, or check out Nvidia GeForce Experience.

Install the game

Source: TroubleChute

Now that you own Portal with RTX (as well as the original Portal) and have updated your graphics driver, you can now install the game. It is recommended to install the game on an SSD drive (SATA is okay, but NVMe is better) as the speed of SSD’s help run games, especially RTX games, better.

Play the game

Source: TroubleChute

After buying a new GPU and the original Portal, installing the game and updating your graphics drivers, the time has come to finally play the game. In the main menu, you can check out what’s in store for you, as well as checking out the new and improved graphics settings to see if the Ray Tracing feature of Portal is on.

Huge thanks to TroubleChute for the information on how to download and play Portal with RTX. If you want to learn more, you can check out his YouTube video that talks about the game in depth with more explanation by clicking on the link here: Downloading & Playing Portal RTX | Simple Guide

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