Using an eGPU? Here’s How to Fix Error Code 43

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EGPUs are regular graphics cards which are connected to the system using some form of an adapter. Because they’re not meant to work that way, the system might have trouble recognizing the GPU, even if all the correct drivers are installed. It will display an error code 43 in the Device Manager. But how can you fix the error code 43? Is it possible?

How to Fix Error Code 43 – Nvidia’s eGPUs

The method that will outline below won’t work for all Nvidia’s graphics cards though. It covers most of them, and to know whether your GPU is supported, navigate to the official forum post for the fix. For conveniency, we screenshotted which GPUs are compatible:

If your GPU is supported, then you can begin following the steps below, to fix the error code 43 for Nvidia eGPUs:

  1. Go to the download link. An account must be created to download the software.
  2. Extract the downloaded file to a folder on your Desktop. You might need WinRar for this part.
  3. Right-click on the ‘Error Code 43 Fixer.bat’ file, and run it as administrator.
  4. Instructions will be given to use the tool. After it finishes, check whether you are still getting error code 43.

The fixer doesn’t work always, and if that’s the case for you, repeat the process. Also, double-check whether your GPU is supported.

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