Dragon Adventures: How To Get New Goliatomb

Successfully merge your dragons!

Dragon Adventures Baby Goliatomb

Participating in events are always a fun way to break off from what you normally do in games. That or you just really like getting all of the rewards at the end. If the latter applies to you then that means you’ve been looking for a way to get the new Goliatomb as well in Dragon Adventures.

The Goliatomb is an event dragon that came out during part two of the 2023 Halloween event. Leave it on its own for a while after taking care of it and you’ll see just how big it can get. But for now we’ll tell you how to get it first so keep on reading the guide below to find out!

How To Get New Goliatomb

There’s two ways to get a Goliatomb in Dragon Adventures. You can obtain it by making use of a Tomb Egg or via the Merge lab.

The Tomb Egg can be purchased for 900 Candy. Participating in the Ghost Catcher or Pumpkin Smasher event and coming in third place is also an option.

Dragon Adventures Tomb Egg

If you opt in for the Merge Lab option instead, then congratulations! You won’t be needing to sweat your buns off as much to get the materials. Once you’re at the merge lab, make sure you have these elements on hand:

  • Pumpkin Spice
  • Araneaix
  • SpiderMan
  • Spooder
  • Venom

Putting these together in front of the merge lab will give you the Goliatomb. Most of the elements mentioned above tie-in to the Halloween event. Check out our Halloween Updated Guide to find out more on how you can get these items to put together the Goliatomb!

Dragon Adventures Merge Lab

And that’s how you get the new Goliatomb in Roblox Dragon Adventures. Now go and start taming some for yourself!

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