Dragon Soul: New Raid Aura & Inventory Update Guide

New inventory, new aura and a new quest!

Dragon Soul New Raid Aura & Inventory Update Guide

Getting content updates is always fun but it’s not something that regularly happens. Between those big additions are small patches that fix bugs and add smaller changes to the game. Those smaller patches are also important to know!

In Dragon Soul, the developers are still giving out free updates that change a ton of stuff in the game. One of their most recent updates isn’t that big but it does add a lot of much-needed changes to the game.

In this guide, we’ll show you what are the different changes and additions you can expect with the new update. Now, let’s see what they’ve added into the game and check them all out!

New Raid Aura & Inventory Update Guide

The new update for Dragon Soul isn’t a big one but it does add some quality-of-life changes to the game. From a better inventory system to changes to the Raid Shop, there are a lot of things that are great about this update. Here are the changes that have been made to the game with the newest update.

SIDE NOTE: Previous updates added a new minigame that can give you nice rewards. If you don’t know where it is check out our New Minigame Location Guide for more information!

New Inventory Changes

One of the biggest changes in the recent update is the inventory system. You don’t need to scroll down and load multiple copies of different items since now all items that are the same can stack! When you go to your inventory, you can now see items stacking just as long as they have the same stats.

This is great since it saves time loading every item as well as just making things a lot neater. Certain items that are the same but have different upgrades won’t stack so you can still pick them out.

Dragon Soul New Inventory
This is a great update for you hoarders out there!

New Quest In East City

When you go to the East City, you can find the NPC Opa Man and he’ll give you the new quest. It’s a daily quest where you’ll need to do 100 Punches, fly for 10km, and then run for 10km. This quest is easy and can give you 5 levels or 2 for Level Break.

Dragon Soul OPA Man
Hmm, he looks familiar!

It’s always good to get more quests that are easy to get and give you a ton of levels and you can even do it daily. So, don’t miss out on this new quest so that you can maximize your power in the game!

Raid Shop Changes and New Raid Aura

Last but not least, we have changes to the Raid Crystal Shop. Now, everything is available there as long as you have the crystals to buy them. That means if you need some of the items in the Shop all you need to do now is to get the Crystals for it.

Dragon Soul Raid Crystal Shop
It’s not all available, as long as you have the currency for it!

Not only that, but there is a new Raid Aura added to the Raid Crystal Shop called the Raid Grandmaster Aura. This one costs a whopping 2,000 Crystals so you’ll need to grind a lot to get it. It’s well worth it though because this aura stands out from the rest!

Dragon Soul Raid Grandmaster Aura
A new aura to show off to everyone!

Those are all of the additions to the game with the new update in Dragon Soul. Now, go out there and try to get all the new stuff! There are other auras in the game that you can get, check out our Shenron Aura & Ultra Instinkt Guide for more information!


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