Dragon Soul: Shenron Aura & Ultra Instinkt Guide (Sky Eggs Locations)

Here are where to find the new stuff!

Dragon Soul: Shenron Aura & Ultra Instinkt Guide (Sky Eggs Locations)

Dragon Soul has another update which adds a new aura and the Ultra Instinkt upgrade to your character. This is going to be a guide that focuses mainly on how to get the Ultra Instinkt and where to get the Shenron Aura. And along with that, what they look like on your character. Let’s go!

Shenron Aura & Ultra Instinkt Guide (Sky Eggs Locations)

We’ll start with the Shenron Aura. The Shenron Aura is the newest cosmetic aura you can get in the game. You can get the aura from the new Shenron Drip Wish. The cosmetic does not give ny stat boost and is vanity only.

Shenron Aura preview in the inventory in Dragon Soul.

Dragon Soul Shenron Aura showcase.

Ultra Instinkt & 12 Sky Eggs Location

Next is the Ultra Instinkt which requires 12 Sky Eggs. We’ll show the locations of all the eggs in the game. Make full use of the Fast Travel feature to get to where you need to be:

  • Sell Games Arena Mk.2: Under the Cell Arena you can find 1 egg.
Sky Egg location in Cell Arena.
  • Sell Games Arena Mk.2: Follow the red beam that shoots upward from the Sky Prison for another egg.
Sky Egg location on Sky Prison in Dragon Soul.
  • Grand Patrol Outpost: Go into the building. Inside the wall on the left side is another Sky Egg.
Sky Egg location for Ultra Instinkt in Grand Outpost.
  • Otherworld: Follow the line that leads to the planet. The first Sky Egg is not on the planet, but should be flying around the planet and you can catch it. You can use the portal on the planet to go back to the living world.
Sky Egg location in the Otherworld.
  • Otherworld: The second Sky Egg here is a bit tricky to find. It is midlway the snakeline leading to the planet, below it, but still floating on the sand dunes. Here’s the exact spot.
Sky Egg location in the Otherworld.
  • Otherworld: The third Sky Egg here is behind the building, right on this corner here.
Sky Egg location in the Otherworld.
  • Jungle Island: The Sky Egg is hovering very high above the Jungle Island. Fly up from the highest point of the island, then fly a little further out into the ocean to find the egg.
Sky Egg location on Jungle Island.
  • East City: From the tall tower in the corner of the map, you can fly directly across to the other corner of the map, where the big brown trees are. The Sky Egg is also hovering above this corner.
Sky Egg in East City.
  • Power Tower Island: It is floating pretty far up the island. This Sky Egg is hard to spot. It’s tricky, but here’s a POV from the egg’s location looking down.
Sky Egg in Power Tower Island.
  • Desert Wasteland: Also known as the Ape Wasteland, you can find the Sky Egg floating further out into the sea. This is where the egg from the island.
Sky Egg in Power Tower Island.
  • NorthPole: Past the Lv. 2080 NPC quest, we’ll head to this rock. Float upward and you’re going to be able to spot a Sky Egg.
NorthPole Sky Egg location.
  • PVP Arena: And for the final Sky Egg, you can find it on the very top of the dome inside the Battleground. Talk to Battleground Servers to be warped to the Battlegrounds.

And those are all the Sky Egg locations in Dragon Soul! Getting all the Sky Eggs automatically unlocks the Ultra Instinkt.

That concludes how we can get Shenron Aura & Ultra Instinkt auras in Dragon Soul. Want more eggs? Here’s a guide to get all the Frozen Eggs!


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