Chivalry 2: Can You Transfer Epic Games Store Profile To Steam?

Can you switch over to Steam?

Chivalry 2 launches on Steam, gaining more players than ever before. However, some people are asking if you can switch over from Epic Games to Steam. This article will talk about if you can transfer your profile from Epic Games to Steam in Chivalry 2. 

Can you transfer your profile in Epic Games to Steam – Chivalry 2

The Tenosian Invasion is now coming to Chivalry 2. You will find new content in the new update, like new Team Objective and Deathmatch maps. There is also a new faction and mounts like horses for players to enjoy. However, some players want to migrate from the Epic Games Store to Steam. 

Source: DonsaidTV on Youtube

Thanks to DonsaidTV on Youtube, we now know that as of the moment, you cannot transfer your Epic Games profile to Steam in patch 2.5. You can learn more about his video here. However, it will be available in future updates. 

The roadmap includes the ability to transfer your progress in the reinforced update. This update will also include Crossplay parties and new weapons. According to the roadmap, players will also get QoL improvements. 

There you have it, you cannot transfer your progress as of patch 2.5 but you may be able to in future updates. 

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