Dragon’s Dogma 2: Portcrystal Locations Guide

Use these items to fast travel around the map!

Portcrystals are handy portable fast travel points that you can place anywhere in Dragon’s Dogma 2. These fixtures are great because you can put them down in key locations that you’d like. That being said, if you’re wondering how to get this convenient fast travel tool, this guide will show you all the Portcrystal locations in Dragons Dogma 2.

How To Get Portcrystals

Major cities in Dragon’s Dogma 2 already have a Portcrystal you can teleport to, but you can fix Portcrystals to other locations to have more flexibility in your travels. There are various ways to obtain Portcrystals; you can purchase, complete quests, or solve riddles. 

I’ll list down all the ways and places you can get Portcystals below.

Portcrystal Locations

  1. The first Portcrystal you can get is from Brant in the main questline for the story. It’s impossible to miss this one.
  2. You can get a Portcrystal by finishing the quest A Trial of Archery. Pick up this quest in Venworth where you must rescue Doireann from her abductor.
    1. Note: If you fail to save Doireann in this quest, you will not receive the Portcrystal as a reward.
  3. Finish the Feast of Deception quest. This quest unlocks when you speak to Brant after finishing the An Unsettling Encounter quest. 
  4. Sphinx’s reward for Riddle of Madness at the Mountain Shrine. The cave that leads to the shrine is behind the ruined fortress north of Checkpoint Rest Town.
  5. Solve Sphinx’s quest Riddle of Conviction by giving it a Portcrystal. You will get to keep the one you offered and receive a copy from the chest.
  6. Buy from Dragonforged for 20 Wyrmslife Crystals. He is in a cave on the coast north of Bakbattahl.
    1. The main quest will lead you there eventually. 
    2. You can get Wyrmslife Crystals from dragon bosses.
  7. In a griffin nest, directly south of Misty Marshes. Climb into the nest area either from Misty Marshes campsite or from the small mountain road from the south (pictured below).
This is the location of the Forest Griffin's nest.

SIDE NOTE: Want to find all the Griffins in Dragon’s Dogma 2? Here’s a guide with all the Griffin Locations for more awesome info!

Additional Tips 

Here are some additional tips to maximize Portcrystals in the game:

  • Make sure to always keep one Portcrystal in your inventory. This way, you can go home and back to your adventures with ease. Just drop a Portcrystal at your current location, visit home, and use the Portcrystal to return exactly where you left off.
  • You can take a person with you by using a Ferrystone. This is a great tip for escort missions.
    • Ferrystones are what you use to activate Portcrystals.
  • You can buy Ferrystones at any potion shop, but you can only have one at a time. They sell for 10,000, and it’s recommended to buy one whenever you’re in a town.
  • The Dragonforged NPC sells Ferrystones for 3 Wyrmlife Crystals and always has 3 in the shop at all times.

That’s everything for all the Portcrystal Locations in Dragon’s Dogma 2! Ready for more adventures? Here’s how to get the Preserved Medusa’s Head.


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