Dragon’s Dogma 2: All Bosses Weakness & How To Defeat Them Guide

Defeat every boss. Become ungovernable.

This game features an RPG styled open world where you face fantasy creatures like dragons, chimera and much more. Dragon’s Dogma 2 is a sequel to the first game. The sequel comes with a map twice the size where you can create your own experiences as an Artisan of the game. 

To beat the game, you’ll have to get through each of its legendary mythical bosses. Here, we’ll give you a head start of what to expect from each boss, their weaknesses and how to defeat them. 

But don’t worry, this won’t take away from the enjoyment of defeating them. The battles are challenging enough to keep you hooked.

All Bosses Weakness & How To Defeat Them Guide

Talos in Dragon's Dogma 2.

In the game, you’ll be encountering a total of 13 bosses. Every new boss is more powerful and terrifying than the previously encountered ones.

If you’re a fan of mythology, there’s a good chance you may recognize many of these. So, you might even get excited to witness and fight your favorite Greek mythical creature like Medusa in combat.

Here is also a map of where you may find each boss in Dragon’s Dogma 2

Map in Dragon's Dogma 2.

Without further ado, let’s break down the weaknesses of each boss and strategies on how to defeat them. Feel free to use the Table of Contents below, so you can easily navigate to whichever boss you need help with.


Chimera in Dragon's Dogma 2.


The heads of the Chimera are the weak spots. The two heads take greater damage than the body. The Lion’s head is weak to Magick attack. For the goat’s head use elemental attacks like fire and ice

Finally, The snake’s head can be weak to both magick and physical attack but mainly physical attacks like slashing. It also has its own separate health bar. 

Strategy to Defeat the Chimera

The three headed beast has several moves that it can use on you so the strategy is to disable each of the sources of attacks one by one. It can attack you with an acid spew and a sleep inducing spell. 

But we know that the heads have their weak spots as mentioned above. For maximum effectiveness, target them in goat-snake-lion order. Use a Thief to mount the chimera and eliminate the goat head as swift as possible to disrupt the Chimera’s magic attacks. 

Next up, the serpent’s head to stop any incoming poison attacks and last, the lion head due to its large health bar.

SIDE NOTE: If you’re interested, here’s a guide on whether it’s possible to chop off the chimera tail or not?


The cyclops is monstrously strong and wields a strong big weapon.  

Cyclops in Dragon's Dogma 2.


The weak spot for a cyclops is just where you would expect it to be. The big single eyeball in the middle of its head along with its head itself. 

Strategy to Defeat the Cyclops

You can use ranged weapons to strike its eye from a distance. Or if you’re feeling bold, you can climb the cyclops yourself and stab its eye when you reach the head. 

The cyclops is easy to take down when you’re standing at a distance because of its slow speed. You can elementally slow them down by stunning them with lightning attacks. The cyclops can also be disarmed by aiming for their hand that holds the weapon. 


Drakes is what may look like a dragon but it is a lesser of one. That does not mean this creature isn’t daunting and won’t put up a fight. Because these creatures are extremely strong, possess the ability to fly, can spew fire from their mouths, and can unleash catastrophic meteor showers onto the battlefield.

Drake in Dragon's Dogma 2.


The glowing spot on its chest is the beast’s weakness. As a fire creature, its elemental weaknesses are ice attacks

Strategy to Defeat the Drake

Keep aiming at the visible weak spot on its chest. Ensure that you also dodge when the drake is about the attack because they can inflict a good amount of damage onto you. You can also stay right at its hind legs and keep attacking it there so it doesn’t use its claws and fire breath on you. 

The goal is to eliminate and make sure it doesn’t fly away so keep it occupied. If it flies away, you’ll have to face it all over again. So keep inflicting damage until its weak spot is exposed, then you can attack the chest. 


The Dullahan is most famously known as the headless horseman. They appear as a spectral mage in the night. You can identify them with their glowing blue skulls and their long capes. This knight can be encountered buy triggering a quest called “Till Death Do Us Part”

Dullahan in Dragon's Dogma 2.


The dullahan’s weakness is its head

Strategy to Defeat the Dullahan

Target the knight from a distance. The dullahan can teleport when it gets too hurt so don’t let it get away. Attacking it at a distance using archery or spells is the most effective strategy to eliminate this boss. 

The Dullahan will attack you with melee and close range so it’s in your best interest to use distance as your advantage. 


The giant clay behemoth from the desert is extremely slow. However,  their attacks can be devastatingly lethal when they successfully hit you. 

Golem in Dragon's Dogma 2.


The Golem’s weaknesses are the blue magic seals on its body.

Strategy to Defeat Golem

While aiming for the glowing blue seals, you may become vulnerable to its attacks due to diverted attention. So stay vigilant! Attacking the blue seals will eventually stun the creature.

If you’re of the Melee classes, like Thief, Warrior, or Mystic Spearhand, Try climbing on the Golem and look for every glowing disc in its body. When you find it, keep stabbing the disc until it dissolves into nothingness.

The ranged classes like the Archers. Mages and Sorcerers can also deal damage at a distance. 


Another flying boss that has an aerial advantage over its enemies. A Griffin resembles a large beaked eagle. 

Griffin in Dragon's Dogma 2.


The griffin’s weaknesses are its wings and its head. Elementally, it is weak against fire attacks. 

Strategy to Defeat the Griffin

Target the wings in order to prevent it from escaping and its head is a weakness to fire attacks. Griffins can snatch their enemies and drop them from a height. Depending on how high up they take you, this could be lethal so watch out.


Medusa is a snake headed creature who turns her enemy to stone with a single glance. She is out for vengeance and not to be messed with. 

Medusa in Dragon's Dogma 2.


Medusa’s weak spot is her head and her elemental weakness is lightning attacks.

Strategy to Defeat Medusa

The most effective way to defeat Medusa is grabbing on and holding Medusa’s head to decapitate it. You can do this by climbing up the back to slash its head, or knocking it down to lower the head, making it accessible to slash off. 

The Thief class is best equipped to defeat Medusa, given their ability to avoid detection and attention and their high agility. It is also the preferred method if you want to eventually harvest her head for a usable item.


Minotaur in Dragon's Dogma 2.


The Minotaur’s weakness is within its legs and its head. Its elemental damage is ice and fire attacks. 

Strategy to Defeat the Minotaur

Repeated attacks at its legs will make it stumble and eventually fall. After it charges at, it will take a moment to regain composure, and this will give you a window to target the legs, with melee attacks.

The Minotaurs are also weak against fire, so be sure to utilize your fire attacks for this fight if you’re a Mage or Sorcerer. Your fire spells will deplete its health bar faster.

Another thing to watch out for is the hands. They will flail around and if you’re in the vicinity, you are likely to get hit. Get your hands on some Panacea if you’re struggling to stay alive in this boss fight. 

The Minotaur will also back slam to the ground. So try memorizing the attack patterns and utilizing your pawns to take it out quickly. It is very easy to die from this enemy so plan your attacks and defenses carefully. 


Ogre in Dragon's Dogma 2.


The Ogre’s weak spot is its head where it takes extra damage. Its elemental weakness is fire and ice.

Strategy to Defeat the Ogre

The ogre tends to grab and crush its enemies so make sure to stay out if its arms reach and target its head from a distance. The ogre’s main focus tends to be pawns so you can use this to your advantage. 

Another strategy is to exploit its attraction to female-looking Arisens. So bring to battle a Fighter or Warrior female tank, a Sorcerer or Mage who possess Ice or Fire spells, an Archer and a thief. This party only works if you appoint the female party member the Fighter or Warrior


The sphinx battle is not simply sought for, it’s earned. You have to complete her puzzles before you’re given the privilege to face her in combat. 

Sphinx in Dragon's Dogma 2.

Strategy to Defeat Sphinx

Sphinx really doesn’t have clear cut weaknesses. To defeat her, you need to use powerful skills and deal the most damage possible. Another method is to use the unmaking arrow to kill her instantly. If you’re interested in reading more about the Sphinx’ Weakness, make sure to check out our dedicated guide for that topic!


The Talos can be considered a Golem but it’s several magnitudes longer, more accurately described as a stone Colossus. 

Talos in Dragon's Dogma 2.


Has multiple weak points that pulsate. They can also be identified as Glowing spikes.

Strategy to Defeat Talos

The majority of its towering form may be very difficult to damage. The best approach here is to mount it and reach for its crystalline weaknesses. Focus your attacks on its spikes to make the guardian giant bleed. 

During moments when Talos is staggered, this will allow you to climb upon him more easily. Once all of the spikes are removed, keep shooting at him with the ballistae until Talos is down and defeated.


The wight is an undead dark necromancer boss who casts various spells and protects himself inside a bubble to avoid taking damage. 

Wight in Dragon's Dogma 2.


Its elemental weakness is Holy, the Empyrean spell from the mage class. The wight does take significant damage with melee attacks and is a little difficult to pull off since it bombards you with AoE attacks. Which is why using the Empyrean spell is much more effective. 

Strategy to Defeat the Wight

Main strategy to defeat this boss is learning its attacks. The go-to attack pattern is casting an AoE Blast whenever you get close enough. Whenever a circular AoE is visible on the ground beneath the boss, try dodging away before it blasts.

The Wight boss will summon Lightning and Blasting orbs; where lightning gets fired immediately, and blasting orbs take a few seconds to summon.

When the Wight is down to its last health bar, you can expect a tornado spell that deals massive damage. This is fairly easy to dodge since you can clearly see the tornado forming allowing you to escape the range before it starts hurling at you. 

Nex, the Dragon (The Final boss)

The final boss is the dragon himself, Nex. You best believe Nex will put up a prolonged fight. 

Nex, the dragon in Dragon's Dogma 2.


The dragon’s weaknesses are its heart/chest area. 

Strategy to Defeat Nex, the Dragon

All the same tactics that were applied on the Drake can be applied to the Dragon. The entire front zone of the Dragon needs to be avoided. You must defend yourself against potential attacks like its fire breath, ground pound, and claw swipes. 

The Dragon is also a master of spells as it raises a claw to summon energy. This can be easily dodged by completely avoiding visible rings where the spell may strike.

And that’s how you defeat every boss in the game. We all know that if we want to fight the game’s monsters, we need to find them first. So, check out this guide on How To Find Specific Monster On The Map on Dragon’s Dogma 2


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