Dungeon Quest: How To Farm Halloween Dungeon Guide 2023

Why am I farming, when I should be trick or treating?

There is a Halloween update that has been added to Dungeon Quest. This update has added themed content which includes Cosmetics. Additionally, players can also challenge themselves with Dungeons that feature boss fights and mobs. These Dungeons can be incredibly difficult and time consuming. The Halloween update is only for a limited amount of time. 

So, it is in your best interest to farm these Halloween Dungeons as much as possible. Doing so will allow you to obtain the maximum amount of rewards before they are unavailable. In this guide, we will show you how to farm the Halloween Dungeons quickly so you can keep grinding it. Let’s dive in and see how you can do it.

How To Farm Halloween Dungeon Guide 2023

Currently, the Halloween Dungeon requires a lot of grinding to get good loot. This is because the drop rates are extremely low, which means getting good Cosmetics is incredibly difficult. As a result, if you want some good Halloween Cosmetics, you will need to farm the Dungeons.

Start by taking a Mage since it provides more comfort. You can also use some spells that will help make your Dungeon run easier, which you will see later on in this guide. We also recommend having at least one friend with you, as this will make the farming quicker too.

Once the timer on the Dungeon begins, quickly make your way towards the Swamp. In the Swamp, you will be met with mobs of enemies. At this stage, make sure that your spells are touching all the enemies. 

Travelling to Swamp in Dungeon Quest.

You can even coordinate with your teammates to ensure that the enemy isn’t killed before all you have gotten some sort of damage on them. After that, you can kill all of the mobs as quickly as possible.

Fighting mobs in Swamp in Dungeon Quest.

Once the mobs have been cleared, the first boss will spawn. This is Zurk the Swamp King. His attack pattern is very similar to the Sangor boss. Just make sure that you keep your distance from him and attack when his attack pattern finishes. 

Since you are a mage, you can damage him from afar which is very useful. This way, you can kill him pretty quickly without taking damage yourself.

Fighting Zurk the Swamp King in Dungeon Quest.

Once you defeat the boss, immediately reset your character. This will allow you to save time by quickly spawning into the next section of the Dungeon.

You will need to bring a Log back to the Altar, which you can let your teammates do, while you begin farming the next section.

Reset Character option in Dungeon Quest.

In the next section, you will be met with the Moth Claw boss. This boss will have Cocoons scattered all around the arena.

Try to split up and attack two cocoons that are together simultaneously. Make sure you coordinate with your teammates too as they start entering the arena.

Using spells on two cocoons in Dungeon Quest.

The Moth Claw’s attack patterns are fairly straightforward, and you can easily work around it.

Just make sure that you do not go into the middle as this is where the boss will always attack. Use your spells to damage the boss from a distance.

Fighting Moth Claw boss in Dungeon Quest.

Once you defeat the boss, you will need to bring Silk back to the altar. Again, you can let your teammates do this task while you instantly reset your character to move to the next section.

For the next part, you will need to navigate a Labyrinth, which is basically a maze. You will need to find 4 Hidden Gems which you can do by looking up and following the light color pillars.

Each color pillar will be hiding a single gem. While you navigate the Labyrinth, you will be met with many mobs. 

Following light pillars in Labyrinth in Dungeon Quest.

You can dodge these mobs and use Life Pulse to heal yourself as you get past them. Once you have all the gems, take them to the center of the maze. 

Using Life Pulse in Dungeon Quest.

After you place them in the chest, instantly reset to the next section. This will allow you to exit the maze and take the Jack O’ Lantern to the Altar much quicker.

Putting Jack O' Lantern in Altar in Dungeon Quest.

When you place the Jack O’ Lantern, the Altar will disappear. This will spawn the Demonic Pumpkin Lord boss. He is quite an aggressive boss with changing patterns.

We recommend that you keep your distance from him until you get an idea of the patterns. As a mage you can defeat him easily by throwing spells from afar.

Fighting Demonic Pumpkin Lord boss in Dungeon Quest.

Doing this will complete the Halloween Dungeon! This process makes the Halloween Dungeon much easier to farm and you can continue to grind it out with your teammates. As a result, you will be more likely to get some great Cosmetics.

That’s everything you need to know about farming Halloween Dungeons. Many players have complained about the low drop rates. Hopefully, the developers listen to these complaints and raise the rates. Either way, you can use this farming method to get the most success!

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