Dusty Trip: How To Find All Secret Notes Guide

Look for the notes, complete the hidden message!

In Roblox A Dusty Trip, the open world is filled with secrets for you to come across on your travels. An item you can collect on your journey is a secret note, which are scattered around the map. Currently, there are 6 notes you can find. These notes appear to be messages from a mysterious traveler who came before you. To unlock the secrets of this traveler, I’m here to tell you how to find all the secret notes in A Dusty Trip.

How To Find All The Secret Notes

Collecting these notes will take you far, but when you connect them they will form a message that teases what’s to come for the game. That being said, for each note you collect, you will need to bring them along with you. Do this by attaching them to your vehicle (press Z).

In general, you want to stop at every point of interest (POI) you come across in the world. What we do know is that the notes aren’t in random houses, but are found in other significant structures. For this guide, you can keep an eye on your journey distance on the top center portion of the screen.

Note 1

The first note can be found right at the spawn. This is at 0m of the journey so go inside the shack and look under the desk by the door. Pick this note up and take it to your car.

Note 1 will be under this desk.

Note 2

Note 2 can be found 5000m away from spawn so head to the bridge and drive to the center. On one of the broken parts of the bridge (on an exposed beam) you can find the note. 

Note 2 is right on the broken bridge,

Note 3

7500m on your journey, the next note will be at the Toll Booth. It will be face down beside the red barrier, so keep an eye out. 

Look for this red barrier at the Toll booth  to get Note 3.

Note 4 

Note 4 is 10000m away from spawn in a small building. This area can be hard to find, and there are enemies present so make things easier by clearing the area first before you start looking for the note. Head to the canyon area and enter this small building. The note will be inside.

Engage in a shootout and look inside this s=building for Note 4.

Note 5

Note 5 will be found 20000m from spawn. Drive to the radio tower and search the building to the right of the tower (pictured below). 

Head to the radio tower for note 5.

The note is behind a wooden box. 

The note is behind this wooden crate.

SIDE NOTE: Having a hard time looking for the radio tower? Here’s a guide on how to find the radio tower and rope gun for more info!

Note 6

The final note can be found at the Ghost Town. Note that as you get closer to the town, the sky will darken and hordes of enemies will appear from the fog.

Take down hoards!

When you get to the town, head to the tavern and you should find the note under the bar.

The final note is at the bar.

When you get all the notes, the messages should read:

  1. “The desert was the safest place for us”
  2. “The van driver scares me”
  3. “Before the fall, I was a teacher”
  4. “They are not your friends”
  5. “Do not trust them”
  6. “They scorched the earth so they could take it back”

And that’s how you find all the secret notes in A Dusty Trip! If you’re expecting a grand prize from all this, I’m sorry to disappoint. It appears that these notes are simply a teaser for future content and not much else. Nevertheless, it’s a cool way to drum up excitement for upcoming content. Want to go on another treasure hunt? Here’s a guide that explains all 21 rare items in A Dusty Trip!


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