Dusty Trip: How To Find The New Radio Tower & Rope Gun

You have to use a pretty unusual trick in order to get the Rope Gun.

Dusty Trip: How To Find The New Radio Tower & Rope Gun

A Dusty Trip is a free to play relaxing car simulator available on the Roblox platform. It has an open world for you to explore and mess around in. The developers are constantly pushing out new updates and each new update brings something unique to the game. The latest update added the Radio Tower to the game. You will also find a new gun called Rope Gun there. Keep on reading to learn more about them.

How To Find The New Radio Tower (+ Rope Gun)

The Ghost Town which used to exist at the 20000 meter mark is now shifted to the 25000 meter mark. Now at the 20000 meter mark, you will find the new Radio Tower. It is marked in the image below.

Radio Tower
Radio Tower, located at the 20000 m mark.

Getting the Rope Gun

Once you travel 20000 meters and reach the Radio Tower. Make your way to the top of the Radio Tower by using the stairs. After you reach the top, you will find the Rope Gun there locked behind glass. You can try to grab it but it will not come out of the glass.

Rope Gun
Rope Gun, hidden behind glass.

Backpack Trick

To actually get the Rope Gun, you need to use a weird Backpack trick. It requires you to place your Backpack on the floor near the Rope Gun. Pull out of your Backpack and try to look for the spot on the floor where it turns green. This means it can be placed there. Look at the image below if you are confused.

Note: If you are new to the game and do not know how to use the Backpack. then give this guide a quick read: How To Use Backpack in New Update of A Dusty Trip.

Place down your Bag
Green area means you can place your Backpack down.

Once you successfully place down your Backpack, grab the Rope Gun and then place it down in your Backpack. And make sure you have enough free space available for it in your Backpack. If you do all this correctly. you will be able to get your Rope Gun.

Pick up Rope Gun and place it in your Bag
This is what it should look like when you put the Rope Gun in your Backpack.

Pack your Backpack and make your way down from the Tower. You can now mess around with the Rope Gun as you please. You can use it to attach an object to another object or structure.

I Can’t Place Down the Backpack

If after trying for a while you can not place down your Backpack, it means the Radio Tower you have arrived at is Tilted. In such a case, you will have to go and come back again, preferably on a different server. I do not know why the developers made it like this but this is the only way to get the Rope Gun right now.

And this is it for this short guide, I hope it helped you out! After this, why don’t you check out this guide: A Dusty Trip: Complete Rocket Update Guide. It will tell you about the Rocket Booster and the Minigun which were also added in the latest update. Check it out!


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