Dusty Trip: How To Use Backpack in New Update

Keep all your items after logging out!

Dusty Trip: How To Use Backpack in New Update

Sandbox survival game A Dusty Trip has received a new backpack update that improves the quality of life of players. This new function serves to make your long, long dusty trip through the endless sandy plains. Occasionally, you’ll meet friends and want to explore together, but what about your items?Here’s where the new backpack shines. Let’s see how you can use it!

How To Use Backpack in New Update

Press I to take out your backpack in A Dusty Trip and then press I again to close the backpack. Place anywhere on the ground so you can check what you have in there. The backpack has a hitbox, so you can only place it where there are no objects blocking. The inventory mechanic is very tactile where you can place things into it and take it out.

Backpack will carry your items when you move to another to, say, join your friends.

How to place backpack and add items to inventory.

The inventory has as range limit. If you get too far from it, it’ll automatically be returned to you. And it’ll have all the stuff you’ve place in it.

So the best way to use it is to just open the backpack right next to the stuff you want to collect. Place them into the backpack, then press I to take it back.

How to place backpack and add items to inventory.

And that is how you can use the new backpack and its function in the new update of A Dusty Trip. Pretty neat! But this isn’t the only way you can keep your precious items. Did you know that you can also steal items from the shop? We’ve got a stealing guide here!


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