Dystovia: How To Get Beast Hunter Armor

One of the best Armor in the game!

The Armor you have plays a crucial role in every game that needs you to fight, and Dystovia is no different. You should make sure to have the best Armor on before going to the crypts or battling with mobs around the map. That is why, we are going to explain how to get Beast Hunter Armor in Dystovia in this guide.

How To Get Beast Hunter Armor

The Beast Hunter Armor is currently one of the best armor sets you can get in Dystovia. You can purchase this Armor set for a total of 18.3500 gold.

To get the Beast Hunter Armor, first go to Wilderman and take a quest from him. See the location of the NPC below.

Dystovia How To Get Beast Hunter Armor

The quest will require you to bring a Venison Steak to Wilderman.

Dystovia How To Get Beast Hunter Armor

To get the Venison Steak, you should go back to the town and purchase it from the Butcher. After you do that, you can go back to the Wilderman and give it to him.

However, keep in mind that he will not accept it if you try to give him a cooked Venison Steak. It should be raw.

Once you give the Raw Venison Steak, an option to chat with the NPC will appear. Choose the Trade option to see the Beast Hunter Armor set.

Dystovia How To Get Beast Hunter Armor

That is how you are going to get the Beast Hunter Armor in Dystovia. Considering the strength of the armor set, it is pretty easy to obtain it. If you have any questions left in your mind, do not forget to leave a comment below.

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