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You need to first complete your current objective.

All Quests In Dystovia Roblox

Dystovia is a game that focuses on exploration, and when it comes to exploration there’s always a chance that you’ll miss something along the way. This could be an important landmark that everyone in the known world is aware of, or even something as simple as a side quest. Well in this guide, you’ll be able to clear all the quests you missed out on, so stick around and read the guide. Your adventure is very far from over!

All Quests in Dystovia

Some quests like the Guide quest Beginner objectives are easy to find at the start the game. To view your quests, go to the quest menu by pressing “V.” Now go check your map, see all the orange question marks (?). All of those are the available quests you can do right at the very beginning.

All Quests In Dystovia Roblox

Here are the quest givers and the rest of their objectives:

  • Gerik – Will tell you to gather carrots and potatoes, you can get some at the town market using gold.
  • Baltor – Will tell you to kill wolves and some deer, collect five pelts from each animal.
  • Wilderman – Will tell you to get some steak. Kill a dear, get its meat and bring it back to him.
  • Shroomba Loomba – Will tell you to gather some flowers and kill an ogre (the red dot on the map).
  • Ghostly Turtle Spirit – Will tell you to go around the vicinity and talk to the living turtles.
  • Boldor – Will tell you to wipe out some enemies near a red totem and kill a necromancer later.
  • Sederalia – Wants to get revenge on the three main bosses of the game. These locations are unmarked (image will be provided below).
  • Geva – Will tell you to gather antlers from a deer, big bones from an ogre, claws from a wolf, a tooth from a goblin, and some eyes and poison from a spider. The locations for these items can be found in our complete beginner’s guide. She also has another quests where you have to look around the place for mushrooms.
  • Izzard – Will tell you to kill all possible mobs in the game.
All Quests In Dystovia Roblox

And those are all of the quests in Dystovia. Now it’s your turn to get your quest on, so go out there and do what you can to make a name for yourself!

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  1. what about izzard? i already killed all the mobs, it still telling me that i didn’t, does anyone now how to complete that quest? or under what condition the mobs has to be killed

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