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Elden Ring: Oracle Envoy Ashes Location | Summon

The music of War and Death rings true, toward victory, these summons will aid you!

Elden Ring rose to critical acclaim after meshing the tried and true formula of Soulsborne games with an open world twist.  As you go along the roads of the Lands Between, you would encounter a host of different foes that bar your journey.

It’s a great adventure in a big world, but it could get overwhelming at times.  Luckily, the game does give you ways to lessen the burden in the form of summons.  Read on to find out how to get one of the stronger ones in the game!

Oracle Envoy Ashes Location – Elden Ring

You can get these Ashes in Miquella’s Haligtree near the Haligtree Town site of grace. 

To get to them, you would need to get to a certain branch of the tree in the middle of the Haligtree Town area

Instead of going into the site of grace, run from the start of the area. Run towards the second grace and you’ll attract the aggro of the Oracle Envoy

Before he starts his first attack, you can fall or jump to a lower branch on the right hand side of the way.  Follow that branch upwards and you will find the ashes guarded by four Oracle Envoys.

Up to you if you want to fight the Envoys but you can always just dodge them and get the ashes. 

Whatever route you take as long as you got the ashes in the end is a big congratulations! You now have a band of musicians that allows you to kite through enemies while they employ their sacred arts to distract the enemy and inflict damage for you.

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