Black Clover M: Best PVP Teams – Upper League & Lower League

Julius and Mars are looking great this season.

Black Clover M: Best PVP Teams - Upper League & Lower League

The PVP leagues in Black Clover M for Global release has entered season 2, so new best PVP teams are in order. We’re going to share some teams you should try focusing on building. There are also alternatives and options and perhaps some outliers you can try.

Best PVP Teams – Upper League & Lower League

Mechanics for the PVP gameplay remains the same for the second season. Players get to control their attacking team against a team setup by other players that run on default rotation or if they manually set it, the set rotation.

We’re seeing a lot of Mars with Mimosa especially in the Upper League. This is a sign that the meta currently prefer survivability that comes naturally with how everyone’s very well-built. They have full rare gears and maybe even dupes in several characters.

And followed by that, Julius with a speed character like Finral, Valtos, or William. Speed is great for Lower League since you can clear out the team fast before they move. They also might not have full gears. And if you have him, it’ll be great to start building William for higher League fights!

Attacker Side

Team Composition #1: Noelle x Julius, Valtos x Finral (Lower League)

Valtos and Finral are key characters because of their speed. With PVP, you want to be able to get the first move. Noelle would be the DPS here with Julius that has the full package.

This is a pretty common offensive team, so a lot of players may have prepared their defensive team to counter this.

Black Clover M Julius Noelle PVP

Below is an alternative to shake up things a bit, which is switching out Finral for Mars.

Team Composition #2: Noelle x Julius, Valtos x Mars (same as Defender #1, Lower League)

Why Mars? Mars has a 40% chance to do AoE stun which can disrupt the perfect rotation of your opponents. Make sure that your Valtos is fully built to five-star so that you have a guaranteed first round.

Check out our Noelle x Julius team compositions here for even more varieties to try on the field!

Team Composition #3: William x Julius, Mimosa x Mars (same as Defender #5, Upper League)

When it comes to the Upper League, teams tend to favor survival skills. Which means tanks, heals, and resurrection skills are going to change the round’s favor. Mars’ 40% chance to do AoE stun with Mimosa’s heal and resurrection are the secret ingredients.

With that said, William is nearly irreplacable in terms of speed as he’s the fastest unit. If you have Valtos and Finral fully-built then they can replace him.

Team Composition #4: Mimosa x Noelle, Lotus x Mars (Upper League)

You don’t have Julius? Don’t worry, you can still use Noelle in the higher league and pair her barrier with Mimosa’s heals for survival.

Black Clover M Noelle Mimosa PVP

Lotus and Mars is a popular combo because of the sheer DPS, the speed reduction, and the stun. It’s a great debuff when speed is not your best trait and your enemy is all about it.

Team Composition #5: Yami x William, Mimosa x Mars (Upper League)

If you have no Julis and Noelle, but Yami and William, here’s another team that’s going to work. This is a pretty aggressive team where you’re constantly dealing damage first and shutting down their skills.

Black Clover M Yami William PVP

Team Composition #6: Licht x Rhya, Valtos x Mars

This is another unique composition that can work, an outlier team that performs well outside the meta. Don’t forget that the Rhya and Licht combo is still popular for their nuking Magic Power combo move! Valtos is our F2P-friendly choice, so you can always switch to William for more speed.

Defender Side

Team Composition #1: Noelle x Julius, Valtos x Mars (same as Attacker #2, Lower League)

For lower leagues, this is a great setup as well, as long as you get the rotation right. Below is an example of a great way to rotate your characters.

Allow Noelle’s barrier and Mars stun skills to go first to potentially disrupt the opponent’s moves. Then follow up with Julius’s ultimate and then Valtos’s stamina skill. After the first rotation, you should get at least one character down.

Team Composition #2: Noelle x Rades, Lotus x Mars (F2P-friendly, any League)

This is a team that’s great for you F2P players as all of these are obtainable. It’s a great alternative if you don’t have Julius or Valtos built.

The Noelle and Rades combo is the double barrier characters that can be annoying to face. Lotus and Mars combo is a great defend-support combo that survive long fights. The problem with this team is speed. You may not have as many turns for yourself than you want.

Team Composition #3: Noelle x Valtos, Lotus x Mars (F2P-friendly, any League)

You get the speed from Valtos here which may be able to outspeed the enemy’s team if they don’t have Finral or Valtos. While Lotus and Mars can deal speed debuff and stun together.

Black Clover M Noelle Valtos Lotus Mars PVP

Team Composition #4: Noelle x William, Lotus x Mars (alternative for #2, any League)

This is an alternative team only if you have William maxed out which can throw off Valtos mains. Because William at maxed out is the fastest character in the game! It may not be a viable option for lower league players.

Team Composition #5: William x Julius, Mimosa x Mars (same as Attacker #3, Upper League)

Again, a fully-built William always outruns Valtos and Finral which is why William is what you see mostly in Upper League games. You can swap the order of your resurrection skill on Mimosa with the heal if you’re confident that your team won’t die.

Black Clover M William Julius PVP

You can swap out William with Valtos and Finral if you don’t have him.

And that’s for the best PVP teams that you can use in Black Clover M for Season 2! Let us know how these teams perform in your PVP battles in the comment section below.

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