Elemental Dungeons: Complete Christmas & PVP Update Guide (2024)

Merry New Years, everyone!

Elemental Dungeons is a Roblox RPG game that is a fun way to kill time with friends. Right now, Elemental Dungeons recently released a new update to the game, and many players who have taken a break from the game have come back to play, only to enjoy it.

So, what is happening in this new Christmas update that’s got the community buzzing? In this guide, I will show you everything you need to know about the changes that were made in this new Christmas update for the game, Elemental Dungeons.

Complete Christmas & PVP Update Guide

There are a couple of new things that have been added into the game with the new Christmas update: new Christmas themed locations and items, as well as a PvP update.

Christmas Theme Decorations

First off, you will notice that the town is in festive cheer as there are large candy canes sprawled around the area with patches of snow covering the ground, as well as a large Christmas tree in the beginning.

This is entirely cosmetic and only affects the town, of course, so there’s nothing of value here. It is just nice to look at during the Holiday season.

Christmas themed town in Elemental Dungeons.

But that’s not all that’s changed in the world. Right now, you can find that the map has extended, and you can see a snowy village in the distance, right past the pirate ship that usually blocks the way forward.

It’s an island that has some stuff to do, but it hasn’t been confirmed if this area is going to stay after the holidays are done. One can hope, as this newly extension of the map is really nice.

New extended map and island in Elemental Dungeons.

Xmas Gift (Village)

In the village, you can find a prompt here to open a Christmas gift (or Xmas gift in the game’s case). You can get all sorts of rewards, including exclusive Christmas rewards that won’t be around after the next update.

However, it hasn’t been confirmed yet if the new Krampus element can be obtained here, but it’s worth a shot to keep trying.

New Xmas Gift area in Elemental Dungeons.

Pro Krampus Bundle

If you don’t want to waste time and just get the element directly, you can purchase the Pro Krampus Bundle in the Premium Shop.

It costs 5000 right now and it’s not confirmed how long it’s going to stay in the Premium Shop, but it can be assumed that this will only stay until the next update. So, if you have the gems, you can get it now.

Pro Krampus Bundle up for grabs right now in Elemental Dungeons.

Xmas Merchant

You can also get some new Christmas stuff in the XMAS Merchant shop that is located in the same village.

You can get some new things every hour, and the Snowflakes can easily be found by killing enemies while playing the game.

Xmas Merchant that refreshes every hour for new items in Elemental Dungeons.

Upcoming PvP Update

Now, let’s talk about the new PvP upcoming updates that will be added into Elemental Dungeons in 2024.

The PvP Arena is a new update to the PvP portion of the game that will allow players to fight in an arena, Gladiator style.

While the arena itself is already in the game, the mode is not ready yet. There’s no estimated time when the arena will be available, but sometime in the next few months is probable.

Upcoming PvP Arena in Elemental Dungeons.

That’s all you need to know about the new Christmas update for Elemental Dungeons. Did this guide help you understand about everything new in the game? Let us know in the comments below.

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