Escape Room: Level 13 Key Location | Roblox

Just keep opening them and you’ll find it!

Escape Room Level 13 Key Location Roblox

There are a lot of neat puzzles that you can do in Escape Room, a Roblox game. Some of these puzzles can be deceptively difficult and a lot of players often get stuck on different levels.

One of the levels that you can get stuck on is Level 13 where you just find a bunch of tables with drawers and a bunch of gifts around the place. What are you supposed to do there?

In this guide, we’ll show you how you can get through Level 13 in the game by finding the key. Now, let’s see where that pesky key is, so that we can go through the rest of the levels!

Level 13 Key Location | Roblox

There are a lot of challenging levels in Escape Room and Level 13 is one of them. You have no clue, and it’s easy to just overthink the room. Lucky for you it’s quite simple.

When you get to Level 13 of the Escape Room, you’ll find yourself with a bunch of tables with drawers.

When you walk up to one of them you can press E to open the drawers. You’ll soon find out that almost all of them are empty though.

Escape Room Level 13 Open Drawer

That’s what the game wants you to think, but the key is actually in one of the drawers. The drawer with the key is random every time so, you’ll want to open each drawer up.

You’ll find the key sooner or later!

However, my advice is to not open random drawers but instead have a method:

  • Open them one by one from right to left or vice versa and don’t skip a single one.
  • That will make sure that you get to check each table and don’t miss the key!
Escape Room Level 13 Key

That’s where you can find the key for Level 13 in Escape Room the Roblox game. Now, go out there and try to find the key yourself! Just keep opening those drawers!

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