GPO: How To Easily Defeat Anniversary Dungeon (One Shot Method)

Quite an explosive Christmas present!

GPO How To Easily Defeat Anniversary Dungeon One Shot Method

Being efficient with your game time can be fun sometimes when you finally find a way to do it. Players often find ways to get to the rewards as fast as possible because time is precious after all.

In Grand Piece Online, there’s a boss in the game that you can fight in the Anniversary Dungeon to get a bunch of freebies. The only thing is that it can be a tough fight or just a long one for strong players.

In this guide, we’ll show you how you can easily defeat the boss in the Anniversary Dungeon without triggering its second phase. Now let’s see what we’ll need to do to one-shot the boss!

How To Easily Defeat Anniversary Dungeon (One Shot Method)

So, this isn’t a One-Shot method, but it will make sure that the boss dies without any fighting involved. When you reach the final boss of the Anniversary Dungeon, it’ll start as a big present with 2,500 HP.

It’ll stay still and if you damage it low enough, it’ll get to its second phase with 6,000 HP and a fight will start.

The thing is, if you get it down to 0 HP while it’s still in its first form the boss just dies without a fight! To do this, we’ll need the Bomb-Bomb fruit.

Here are the stats you’ll need to do this:

  • Stamina – 210
  • Defense – 700
  • Devil Fruit – 700
  • Sword Mastery – 90
  • Fighting Style Mastery – 25
Grand Piece Online A Present 700 HP

When you reach the boss use the Z move Explosive Mines right under the boss. Then activate all the mines by stepping on them.

This should lower the Boss’ HP to around 700-800, if not then hit it until it gets there.

Grand Piece Online One Shot Present Boss

Once the HP is that low use the C Move Self Destruct while being next to the boss. When you explode you should deal enough damage to send him to 0 HP.

Doing this will instantly kill the boss without starting the second phase. It’ll skip to just throwing presents everywhere!

Now, you can just repeat this until you get all the cool new items you can obtain from the presents!

That’s how you can one-shot the boss and defeat the Anniversary Dungeon easily in Grand Piece Online. Now, go out there and try it yourself!

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