Escape Room: Level 26 Guide | Roblox

What a sneaky way to hide the solution!

Escape Room Level 26 Guide Roblox

There are a lot of games out there that take real-world games and turn them into the video game equivalent.

The Roblox game Escape Room is one of those games where you have different levels of unique rooms to try and get out of. There are a lot of levels in this game and some of them are easy while others are quite hard. One of the more confusing ones is Level 26!

In this guide, we’ll show you how you can escape Level 26 of Escape Room. The answer isn’t that obvious, so let’s see how you can solve this one!

Level 26 Guide | Roblox

When you get to Level 26 in Escape Room, you’ll get into a small room with a bunch of stuff inside of it.

From crates to a plant and even a mirror. You might think that the way to escape this room is connected to any of the furniture, but you’d be wrong.

On one side of the room is a broken section of the wall with metal bars. You can’t go through the metal bars, but you can jump to them sideways.

The area shown below is where there’s a false wall that you can go through.

Escape Room False Wall

Once you get through that section of the wall, you’ll go through it you’ll get into a tight hallway. Follow the hallway and you’ll enter a new room and that would be Level 27! That’s the answer to this level, good luck with the next one!

That’s the solution to Level 26 of Escape Room. Go out there and solve the level and finish the rest of them! Speaking of, you might come across a Picture puzzle in Level 45, and to save you some time, make sure to check our guide for that in advance!

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