Escape Room: Level 40 Guide | Roblox

How do you get across?

Escape Room: Level 40 Guide | Roblox

To pass level 40 in Escape Room you have to get creative, but alternatively, you can also let us show you the way. Level 40 is a room filled with items but you’re not sure how they work or what to even interact with. Here’s how to solve the puzzle!

Level 40 Guide

After crossing the door, you’re immediately inside Level 40. Plants, chairs, and boxes clutter the room.

Look at the fifth plant on your left side which is the answer to the level. You have to change this object’s appearance into another object and here’s how to do it.

You can do this by going up the stairs which are on both sides of the wall from where you entered the level. Find buttons with arrows that you can press up here.

Pressing it once turns it into a chair. Pressing it twice turns it into a lever that you can operate.

After you pull the lever, you’ll have revealed the pathway on the second floor in the form of a bridge.

Climb back up to the buttons and look across where there’s a bridge to help you cross to Level 41.

Escape Room: Level 40 plant

And that’s how you can finish Level 40 in Escape Room. Up next, why not check out our guide for Level 43 as well?

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