Bloodlines: Samehada Location (New Update)

The Samehada is finally here!

Roblox introduces a Naruto inspired action-adventure game with high stakes and a fun amount of exploration called Bloodlines. The game recently dropped a new update with both major and minor changes. One noteworthy change is the Samehada location. Here’s what we can tell you. 

Samehada Location (New Update)

In the new update, there are a bunch of new bug fixes, minor changes and more major interesting additions. The biggest update being the Samehada location.

Everyone is eager to acquire the new Samehada themselves and complete it but don’t worry, here we’ll tell you everything you need to know about the new Samehada location and how to find it. Along with it are other cool stuff associated with this update. So, keep reading until the end. 

Reward for Completing the Samehada Location Quest

Here’s what I haven’t told you yet and that is the reward for this Samehada location quest is the legendary Samehada Sword from Naruto. In the anime and manga, the sword is wielded by Kisame Hoshigaki of the Akatsuki. Samehada translates to Shark skin which explains the characteristics of the wielder himself. 

Samehada sword in Bloodlines

Now, let’s see how to obtain it.

How to Complete the Quest  

Before you go ahead and pursue this quest, there’s a couple of things you need with you, so you can be ready when the time comes.

  1. You need to unlock the Greatsword training from the skill tree.
  2. Get a greatsword schematic
  3. You need 800 Ryo

Next, after you check off all of the above tasks and items, you need to teleport to Windy Plains 2. Go over the waterfall.

Waterfall in Bloodlines

Then, keep going straight leaning toward the left side. When you see the wall shown in the image below, that’s where you dive.

Bivo Sea in Bloodlines

Basically, dive down near the area where you get Hoshigaki progression. When you reach the bottom, you’ll see the Samehada Sword. You’ll also see an NPC. 

Samehada sword in Bloodlines

Click on the sword and you’ll be asked whether you have all the requirements as well as the required amount of Ryo which is 800

Note: Remember to make sure you soul bind a great sword weapon before buying this because other players may jump you. 


  • You steal a small amount of chakra on M1 from the player that you hit with the Samehada sword. Other players, however, can still regenerate their chakra when you hit them, so it doesn’t affect them directly.  
Showcase Samehada in Bloodlines

The stolen chakra gets added to your own chakra reserve.

  • If you’re a Hoshigaki, you’ll do more damage while wielding the Samehada sword than players from other clans who wield it. (it’s damage is 1.35x compared to base greatsword but it’s 1.45x for Hoshigaki)

A Few Other Updates

  • Bloodlines dropped a new skill in the skill tree called the basics of summoning.
New skill in Bloodlines
  • Bloodlines introduced cool downs for skills in the game. The timer is in the bottom right corner, right next to your skill. The countdown indicates the cooldown of the skill being used
  • The game buffed the Hoshigaki clan by a lot. 

And that’s all you need to know from the new update. They’ve added many new things overall, so bets believe the game will feel like a huge improvement. That being said, don’t forget to check it out for yourself! While you’re here, also check out our other helpful guides on Bloodlines like this one called the Complete Rinnegan Guide.


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