Escape Room: Level 42 Code Guide | Roblox

Doodles and squiggles.

Escape Room: Level 42 Code Guide | Roblox

Level 42 reflects familiar previous levels (Level 6) of Escape Room where you need to figure out the code. And we’re going to show you the hints step-by-step, so if at any point you found out the way, you can solve it yourself.

The Roblox game Escape Room has been on the hype now as players are challenged to brainstorm how to pass each level. Some have invisible barriers and doors while others require you to solve the hints to figure out the way. And this level is the latter type.

Level 42 Code Guide

After crossing over the dangerous chemicals from Level 41, you’re now in a locked room with a bunch of books.

The door requires a code to unlock and the secret to solve this lies in the runes in one of the books.

Escape Room: Level 42 moonrunes

You can find the hint on the board behind the barrels that are stacked in the corner. Jump behind them and then you can see a board filled with runes similar to the ones from the book.

Here’s what the code looks like close-up. Use the book to decipher the code.

Following the shapes, all you need is just add all the numbers that you find on the board.

One the left: 200001
In the middle: 1042
On the right: 10300

Adding them results in 211343. This is the code and answer to the puzzle of Level 42 in Roblox game Escape Room.

All you need to do now is input it on the door and you’re on your way to Level 43.

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