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How do you progress past the sixth level of this game?

In Escape Room, you have to solve various puzzles across over forty different stages with increasing difficulty. In this guide, we’ll get you through the steps required to get past the sixth level of the game, which may not be entirely obvious as you will be tricked into searching for something you don’t actually need.

Level 6 Code Guide

By this point of the game, you have likely been only doing some simple platforming, such is the case for Level 4, where you only had to jump around to progress.

Once you reach level six, you will be faced with a vault door that will ask you for a code if you try to open it.

Escape Room vault code

This is a trick, but we’ll explain more later on. First, turn around and climb the steps in front of the bookshelf. Once you’re on top, interact with the book to reveal a hidden passage.

Escape Room secret bookshelf

Inside, you will immediately see a code on the wall. While you might think that this is what you’re looking for, this is simply classic misdirection.

Escape Room "code"

If you try to input this combination into the door, you will get the Wrong Password prompt. Return to the secret passage and jump on the stack of books in the corner.

Once you’re up there, you will notice that you can interact with another book on the shelf. Do this and walk back out of the hidden room.

Escape Room secret room hidden book

After interacting with the book, the bookshelf to the left of the vault door will suddenly retract into the ground, revealing the true path forward. Simply walk in and you’ll be in the seventh level!

Escape Room actual exit to level 7

And that is pretty much it for level six of the Escape Room game. It is an incredibly short level, but it will trick most players into getting stuck at first, which is honestly both funny and mean by the developers!

Up next, why not check our dedicated guide for the Level 13 key location? So, you can save up some time.

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