Eternal Piece: Codes (Updated Daily)

Get a head start with these codes.

Eternal Piece is a brand new Roblox game that is based off of the popular anime, One Piece. While One Piece Roblox games is an overly saturated market, it can still be done correctly if the game has a good enough content to keep players coming back for more. But for now, since it is fairly new, it’s going to be a bit bare bones compared to other One Piece Roblox games that have been out for a while now. But if you plan on investing time into Eternal Piece, then you should utilize the codes that you can redeem right now.


After a long wait and teasers about its release date, Eternal Piece is now out and ready for everyone to enjoy. The game is still in its early life stages, so not a lot is going to be in the game at first. But as stated before, if you are looking to invest in the game and spend some time and even money on it, then it’s best to redeem the codes available right now.

Codes & How to Redeem Them

The game may still be fresh, but it has some codes you can use to get a head start ahead of everyone in the game. Here are the codes you can use right now that aren’t expired:

  • fishmansorry—Redeem for 500k Beli (New)
  • exp4hour—Redeem for 4 hours of x2 EXP
  • Update2—Redeem for 100 Race Spins
  • Update2fix—Redeem for 3 hours x2 EXP
  • Update2.1—Redeem for Legendary Fruit
  • racesetyuh—Redeem for 5 Race Rolls
  • statsetyuh—Redeem for Stat Reset
  • LegendaryFruit—Redeem for Legendary Fruit
  • newstats—Redeem for Stat Reset 
  • stackrace—Redeem for 5 Race Spins 
  • shutdownexp1h—Redeem for 2 hours x2 EXP
  • shutdownrace—Redeem for 5 Race Spins
  • sorrybutfixed—Redeem for Rare Devil Fruit
  • xboxyuh—Redeem for Stat Reset
  • 25RaceSpins—Redeem for 25 Race Spins
  • Giveme4hexp_1—Redeem for 4 hours x2 EXP
  • INeedaMaxWin—Redeem for Fruit Code
  • StatReset5—Redeem for 5 Stat Refunds
  • Sub2KingBaka—Redeem for Rare+ Fruit
  • gimmiemastery — Redeem for +1 Mastery Level
  • gimmierace — Redeem for 10 Race Rerolls
  • gimmiestats — Redeem for Reset Stats
  • crazyxp — Redeem for 1hr EXP
  • resetmystats — Redeem for a Stat Reset
  • upd1master — Redeem for +1 Mastery Level
  • gumgum — Redeem for 1 Random Fruit and 5 Race Spins
  • statreset — Redeem for Reset Stats
  • superroll — Redeem for 3 Race Rerolls
  • specialfruit — Redeem for Random Devil Fruit
  • supaxp — Redeem for 2x Exp for 1 Hour
  • newupdate! — Redeem for 5 Race Rerolls
  • 2500LIKES — Redeem for a random reward
  • RELEASE — Redeem to reset stats

Now in order to redeem them, you will need to simply go to the Menu, and you will see the Codes tab (it’s the third to the last box, the one with the Twitter symbol). After selecting it, you will then be able to redeem any of the codes here.

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The Codes tab to redeem codes located in the Menu in Eternal Piece.

That’s all you need to know on what the codes are for Eternal Piece. Did this guide help you understand what codes will work and which ones won’t? Let us know in the comments below.

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