F1 24: How To Drive Without Traction Control

Disable Traction Control to get complete control over your car!

F1 24: How To Drive Without Traction Control

F1 24 was released not too long ago on Steam and consoles like PS4 & PS5 and Xbox One & Series X | S. If you are a racing simulator fan then this game is definitely worth checking out!

Traction Control is one of the assists that the game offers which is very helpful for new players. But to get full control over your car and to become the fastest possible, you will have to disable it. And at first, it will be harder to drive without it. Which is why, this guide will be giving you tips on driving without Traction Control.

How To Drive Without Traction Control

Before I get started on the tips, it is important that you have your controller set up in the best way possible as it plays a vital role in handling your car properly. If you haven’t, then check out this guide: F1 24: Controller Settings Guide + How To Fix The Handling & Have Better Control.

Disabling Traction Control

Disable Traction Control - F1 24: How To Drive Without Traction Control
This is where you can disable Traction Control.

If you haven’t disabled your traction control yet, then you can do so by going into Settings. Once there, go into Assists and there you will find the option to either turn off traction control or set it to medium. The option is marked in the image above.

If you are having too much trouble adjusting to no traction control then you can set it to medium for the time being. And after doing a few races, turn it off. It is best not to get too used to the medium setting as it will make it even harder to transition to no traction control.

Tip #1 – Straight Line Acceleration

Straight Acceleration
Accelerating in a straight line.

One of the best tips on driving without traction control is to ensure that you always try to accelerate in a straight line. Approach the corners in a straight line and once you have stopped accelerating, then you are free to turn.

If you try to turn while accelerating, it can result in your wheels losing traction. Which, as you can guess, will make your car start spinning. Sometimes it is not possible to keep your car completely straight. In those situations, try to keep it as straight as possible and keep your turning to a bare minimum while accelerating.

Tip #2 – Controlling Throttle Pressure

The next tip is related to controlling your throttle pressure. When you are about to exit a corner, do not go into full throttle pressure right away. Instead, try to gradually increase it as you are leaving the corner.

This will help in keeping wheel spin under control. Especially useful in low traction situations such as when the track is wet or if you are trying to accelerate when your car is not in a straight line.

Tip #3 – Early Shifting

For the next tip, try to shift a bit earlier than you normally would. This results in your wheels getting less power but at the same time, it means you won’t have to deal with wheelspin. You lost a lot more time recovering from wheelspin compared to the power you lost by shifting earlier.

Tip #4 – Optimal Car Setups

Car Setups
Car Setup menu.

Every track that you will be racing on will be completely different. Which means you will have to optimize your car for it accordingly. You can do this through the car setup menu which allows you to change a bunch of things on your car.

Having an optimal car setup also helps with the traction your car has on the track. But setting up your car on your own can be quite difficult. Which is why I recommend you check out our optimal car setups for each track. You can find them here: F1 24: Optimal Car Setups.

And this is it for this guide, I hope it helped you out! On that note, want to cut down time on our laps? If so, then check out this guide for tips on getting faster: F1 24: How To Be Faster and Improve Your Lap Times.


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