F1 24: How to Race Without ABS & Improve Your Braking

Learn to improve your braking with these few tips!

F1 24 recently came out, and racing sim fans are flocking towards it for that authentic and realistic Formula 1 gaming experience. One mechanic that people tend to be conflicted with is the ABS assist, or anti-lock braking system. In this guide, we will try to give you a few tips to hopefully help you race without it.

How to Race Without ABS & Improve Your Braking

Simply put, the anti-lock braking system will help prevent your wheels from locking. This is something that isn’t actually allowed in real-life F1 cars, but the game has it on to give you less things to think about in a race.

With the ABS off, however, you can potentially become faster, assuming you know how to brake properly without it. This isn’t guaranteed to speed up your times, but more experienced players will very likely be able to take advantage of this assist being off.

F1 24 player turning into a corner

Tip #1. Learn How to Modulate Brake Pressure & Steering

The first tip mainly revolves around learning to reduce your brake pressure as you reach slower speeds. This will prevent you from locking up and allow you to hit the apex without a hitch.

If you apply too much pressure, this will have an adverse effect on your tires and you will likely understeer as you try to turn at a corner.

In line with this tip, you should also learn how much steering input you have to apply while braking. This is where a technique called trail braking comes into play.

For the uninitiated, this mainly involves light braking as you turn into a corner. As you ease off on your brakes, you will want to start turning at the same time. Too much of either input will cause issues that will slow you down, so this will take a bit of practice and muscle memory.

F1 24 player missing the apex due to braking too hard

Tip #2. Learn When to Brake

As obvious as it sounds, learning when to brake throughout a track will help you optimize your lap times and prevent you from locking up at the worst possible moments.

If you are still pretty new to the game, we actually have a guide on how to be faster and improve your lap times in F1 24 that touch on this in more detail.

Simply put, this will require you to practice at the different tracks to get used to all of the corners that you’ll need to turn into. Keep running laps to learn when to brake and consistently hit the apex in each corner.

F1 24 player about to turn in a race

And those are some of the tips we can give you to hopefully improve your ability to brake with the anti-lock braking system off. If you are using a gamepad, consider checking out our guide on how to fix the handling and set up your controller in F1 24 to further improve your overall experience.


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