Fallen V5: Complete Beginner’s Guide

Key to survival!

Roblox’s thrilling open-world survival game, Fallen V5, takes place in a post-apocalyptic environment. In this game, players must forage, construct, and survive. Because the game is pretty rich, it might be difficult to find out everything by yourself. Because of that, we are going to go over the most significant features to help you get started on your trip. Let’s take a look at everything you need to know to help you through the game’s hostile surroundings!

Complete Beginner’s Guide

As a new player in the game, you need be aware of the fundamentals of survival. We will now walk you through all the stages and essentials you need to know in order to enter the survive in the game.

Fallen V5 Complete Beginner's Guide

Choosing a Location

  • Quick Answer: We think choosing a grass biome as a starter is your best option!

Selecting a base site is crucial before progressing farther in the game, as it prepares you for the remainder of the journey. The areas with writing on the map are known as monuments, and you should avoid being near them because experienced players will go there first. Instead, you should start out in an area that is somewhat distant from a monument.

Select a biome at first, such as grass, desert, or snow. The biome of grass, which occupies most of the map, contains all of the elements of nature, including wood, cloth, stone, iron, and phosphate. Desert and snow, however, have no fabric.

Fallen V5 Map.

Basic Features

Now that you know where to settle, let’s take a look at the basic features every player needs to know. After gathering an abundance of cloth, wood, and stone. You should use the crafting menu “Q” to construct the following items:

  • Armour: Headgear, Shirt, Trousers, Handwraps, and Footwraps made of one cloth each.
  • Weapons: One wooden spear, later you can upgrade it to one stone spear. Then you can get a bow, and a couple of arrows (20-30).
  • Tools: One pickaxe and one hatchet made of stone.
  • Supplies: One Hammer, One Blueprint, and Healing Bandages.
Basic Features in Fallen V5.


  • Wood
  • Stone
  • Phosphate
  • Charcoal
  • Iron
  • Steel

Now, let us go over the primary materials in this game. Although you can later improve the base with better materials, wood is the primary building block in Fallen. It is required to put up your base. In addition, wood is useful for making spears, tools, chests, and in the later stages of the game, it’s required to make an AK!

Another important resource is stone, which can be used to create tools, improve your base, and enhance wooden spears. In this game, the ores are phosphate and iron, which can be converted into phosphate dust and iron shards.

Materials in Fallen V5.

For mid-late games, phosphate is essential since it can be mixed with charcoal to create gunpowder. Gunpowder may be used to build a variety of raid equipment, including explosives, timed charges, rockets

Another crucial resource at every level of the game is iron. Iron shards can be crafted into iron tools, weapons, storage containers, base upgrades, and other items. Farming iron nodes across the world can also yield steel; each node typically yields 2-4 high-quality metal. This, upon smelting, turns into steel. Better tools, upgraded bases, and other items can all be made with steel.

Furnace in Fallen V5.

You can smelt the ores you find in a furnace to get other materials as well. For example, if you put an iron ore in the furnace, you can get yourself a metal fragment.

In order to craft a furnace, you are going to require 200 Stone, 100 Wood Log, and 50 Crude Fuels. You already know how to get the first two. To get yourself a crude fuel, you will need one cloth and three animal fats that you can get from the animals around.

Using the furnace in Fallen V5.

Planning Your Base & Building

Now that you have an idea about essentials of the game, you should start building your very first base. Having a good and protected base is incredibly important for you to save your loot and help you survive.

In order to place a base, you will first need a blueprint and a hammer. However, do not let this intimidate you, you can easily get these items from the crafting menu (Q).

Base blueprint in Fallen V5.

Once you get these items, you can start by placing a foundation, walls, door and a wooden lock. After you are done with building your base, you should place a Base Cabinet. You can store all your items in this base.

However, there is one thing you need to keep an eye out. The items you place in the Base Cabinet will decay over time. You can see how long it will be protected before decaying, and make your plans according to that.

Base cabinet in Fallen V5.

If your base cabinet gets full, you can also craft a small storage box or a large storage box as well.

Crafting chest in Fallen V5.

Sleeping & Respawning

If you want to respawn when you die, like most of other survival games, you will need to craft yourself a sleeping bag in Fallen V5 too. Once you place a sleeping bag in your base, you will have the chance to respawn.

You can also spawn the sleeping bag anywhere around the map, but we do not recommend you placing your first sleeping bag anywhere but your base. By opening the map, you can see the exact location of your sleeping bag whevener you want. You can also place more than one sleeping bag.

Crafting a sleeping bag to respawn in Fallen V5.

Map appearance of sleeping bag in Fallen V5.

Recycler & Components

Every single monument except for Scav Camp as a recycler that you can use. As a beginner in the game, you will need to save the following objects:

  • Metal Scraps for Ammo.
  • Tarp for Carpentry Table.
  • Rope for Armor.
  • Pistol Receiver for Weapons.

Other than these, you will probably need in the mid-game or late-game, so you can put them in the recycler to get an outcome.

Recycler in Fallen V5.


Next, let’s talk about all the workbenches in the game. Currently, there are 6 Workbenches in Fallen Survival. These are:

  • Sewing Table: Lets craft a variety of outfits, like the Hazmat Suit, which shields you from radiation harm and defend yourself from other players. You can also craft additional apparel, like flannel jackets, hats, shirts, jeans, sweaters, and much more.
  • Anvil: Enables you create better tools, and weapons.
  • Carpentry Table: Allows you to build both the Chemistry and Culinary tables. You may create stronger base defenses and much more using the Carpentry table. The most crucial of the six tables is probably is this one.
  • Chemistry Table: Lets you make explosives.
  • Culinary Table: Used for crafting food items and better healing items as well.
  • Ammo Press: Makes ammunition, but not just any old ammunition; you may produce armor-piercing, fast-firing, and explosive ammunition.
Anvil Workbench in Fallen V5.

How to Level Up Tables?

Fallen Survival’s “Table System” is really simple; a table’s first upgrading is free. However, you will need this item called “Bottle Caps” after level 0. Bottlecaps are scrap in Fallen; they can be found in recycling and scrapping bins, as well as in containers. You might also require anything else in addition to bottlecaps, depending on the level and the table. But, the majority of what you will need are bottlecaps; you will also need them to assemble the six tables.

Leveling up the tables in Fallen V5.

Alt Look

It is a simple tip that even beginners can pick up quickly. By pressing the left alt button on the left side of the space bar, you can see what’s behind you. Or even above you without actually changing the direction that your character moves. In other words, even if you were to stop pressing alt look, you would still move in the same direction. Additionally, if you press alt look and then jump right after letting go, you will propel yourself in the direction that you are looking for.

Alt look trick in Fallen V5.


Even though there are numerous ways to earn wealth in the game, including through resources, supplies, ores, weapons, and so on, the primary path to obtaining all of those items starts with Bottle Caps. The primary unit of currency in Fallen is the bottle cap. You can use it to enhance workbenches and eventually unlock further crafting recipes as the game progresses.

There are numerous methods to gather bottle caps, including recycling, breaking down garbage cans, opening boxes, and excavating rubbish heaps. Regardless of how you obtain them, you must have them. Therefore, as you scavenge for a suitable location to establish a base, uncover rubbish heaps and create passive caps that you can use to obtain more resources.

Recycling for currency in Fallen V5.

All Recoil Patterns

Let’s begin with AK47. It is one of the best normal guns in the game. As a beginner you should get a compensator or a scope for your guns. Holo Sight and Military Laserlight are good options, but laserlight is not necessary.

To control it, you should simply point your mouse upwards and downwards. Also crouching decreases your recoil. With the lasersight, it reduces spread and becomes even more concentrated.

AK47 Recoil Pattern in Fallen V5.

Next, we have Military M4A1.

It is more of an advanced gun, and you need to find it on the map. In other words, you cannot craft this weapon. The pattern of this gun goes up and then to the right.

You can use a compensator, holo sight and a laser of your own choice. Adding these to your gun gives it a huge change. When using this gun, you can keep it straight at first, and move a little to the left close to the end.

Military M4A1 Recoil Pattern in Fallen V5.

Next gun is AK74. This one is similar to AK-47, but it is much lighter and faster. It’s recoil starts from down and goes to the left, then right. Once again, you should use a compensator, holo sight and laser.

AK-47 is more of a close range gun than a long range, but it has great damage and fire so you can use it in medium or close range battles.

AK47 Recoil Pattern in Fallen V5.

Now, we have a Tommy gun, its recoil is like a little swirl. Almost like an S shape. This one is a bit harder to control because it is pretty easy to get, and it does a good damage.

To reduce the recoil, you can crouch and hold down left. You need to focus on doing short and controlled shoots with this gun.

Tommy Recoil Pattern in Fallen V5.

Last but definitely not least, we have Military PKM in our list. It is the best gun in the game. When you start shooting, it goes straight up. Just like every other gun, equip a compensator, holo sight and laserlight to your gun.

In order to control the recoil, all you need to do is be concentrated and hold straight down. After a little practice, you can perfect it.

Military PKM Recoil Pattern in Fallen V5.

This is it for our Fallen V5 Complete Beginner’s Guide! If you still have any questions in mind, do not hesitate to leave a comment below and we will do our best to help you out. Also, do not forget to check out our other Roblox game guides if you found this guide helpful!


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