LOTR Return To Moria: Khazadstone Location

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LOTR Return To Moria Khazadstone Location

The great thing about a game set in the Lord of The Rings setting is that you can use all the lore that Tolkien has made. Not only that, but you can even expand on it. In Lord of the Rings: Return To Moria, the game takes place after Sauron’s fall and the reclamation of the Dwarven hold of Moria. There, you can find the Khazadstone, a significant item in Dwarven lore as the game states.

In this guide, we’ll show you where you can find the Khazadstone in the game. Now, let’s see how deep we’ll need to dig to get this one!

Khazadstone Location

To get the Khazadstone in the game, you’ll need to progress through the missions of rebuilding Moria until you reach the Mithril Lode.

Be careful as there are a lot of orcs in the area so be sure to bring some gear and some healing items like food. Also, remember to put travel stones along the way so you don’t get lost going back.

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LOTR Return To Moria Mithril Lode

Once you’ve cleared the area of orcs, you can then start fixing the area. Make sure to fix the travel stone there, so that you can get here more easily.

Near one of the giant doors in an area is a damaged monument that you can rebuild.

LOTR Return To Moria Damaged Monument

Doing so will open the door behind it is the Great Mithril Forge. Directly in front of the door is King Nain’s Grave. You can interact with it to get some lore and get then get the Khazadstone!

Right now, it doesn’t do anything yet but at the end, you can get more lore as a reward for getting it.

LOTR Return To Moria Great Mithril Forge

That’s how you get the Khazadstone in Lord of the Rings: Return To Moria. Now, go out there and try to get it yourself!

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