FC 24: How to Check Record Ultimate Team

How do you check your wins and losses?

FC 24 is a new football game by EA Sports that uses cutting-edge technology to present incredibly immersive visuals and accurately simulate realistic gameplay. It has a wide variety of game modes, and among them is Ultimate Team, where you must assemble and build up a group of players from scratch. With that in mind, how do you check your record in this game mode?

How to Check Record Ultimate Team

The game mode will have you test your skills against other players, and in order to see whether you’re improving or not, you may want to check your stats every now and then. Doing this is simple, as you only have to navigate a couple of menus.

First, from the Ultimate Team main menu, press the Left Trigger and select “Club”.  From here, navigate the menu using the Left or Right Bumper until you reach the Stadium menu.

FC 24 Ultimate Team menu

With the Stadium menu open, you should see the date when your club was established, and right below it, you should see your stats.

FC 24 Stadium menu

Next up, you might also want to look into your player statistics. To do this, navigate to the “Squad” section by pressing “LB” on your controller.

Enter the “Squad” menu with “A” or “X.” On the left-hand side, you’ll find “Squad Actions.” Click the left stick button to access it, and then scroll down to “Player Stats.” Confirm your selection with “A” or “X” on the controller.

Squad FC 24

Here, you’ll find lots of important information including games played, goals scored, assists, red cards, yellow cards, and more. If you want to explore further details, press the right stick button to dig deeper into more statistics.

You can perform this analysis for any player on your Squad. To sort your players, simply press “X” at the bottom to cycle through different sorting options. Additionally, you can identify your top players by navigating to the “Top Players” section with the right button or “R1.”

FC 24 Top Players

And that’s how you check your record in FC 24’s Ultimate Team mode! Knowing how many wins, losses, and draws you have should help you determine whether or not your team is doing well and if it needs further improvement.

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