FC 24: Concept Squads / Players Explained

What are they for?

FC 24 is essentially FIFA 24, but under a different name. Due to some disagreements between EA and FIFA, FIFA 23 was the last FIFA game to be released. But that doesn’t mean EA is going to stop, as they have just recently released FC 24.

While it’s under a different name, you will find that FC 24 is pretty much the same as FIFA 23, just with some updated graphics and changes with some systems, like the Concept Squads and Concept Players. In this guide, I will be explaining to you what Concept Squads and Concept Players are.

Concept Squads / Players Explained

So, here’s the big question: what is Concept Squads and Concept Players? Well, to put it lightly, Concept Squads contain Concept Players that can no longer be played with as their contracts cannot be renewed.

What happens afterwards is that their background will go from the nice gold, silver, or bronze color into a blue color, which means that player has now been turned into a Concept Player.

Adding a Concept Player to your Concept Squad in FC 24.

Once that player has been turned into a Concept Player, you will then be able to place that player into a Concept Squad.

Bear in mind that you cannot play with Concept Squads. Concept Squads and Concept Players are for planning purposes only. If you have a team that you want to create, that is what Concept Squad is for.

But when you do get the players needed to fulfill once of your Concept Squads, then you are set to creating a team with the players you want. Remember that you need to swap out the Concept Players and replace them with the actual playable player in order to use it.

Concept Player in a Concept Squad in FC 24.

That’s all you need to know on what Concept Squads and Concept Players are. Did this guide help you understand what they are? Let us know in the comments below.

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