FIFA 23 Mobile: All New Icons List

New year, new look!

FIFA 23 Mobile All New Icons List

FIFA games have always been an annual thing, everybody knows that. It’s a game that has most if not all the players in the world that is under FIFA so it makes sense that every year it’s updated. That’s because players come and go, and some of them change teams or rank up higher or even get better and because of that a new game is made. The Mobile version of FIFA is no exception because the new FIFA 23 Mobile has been announced, in this article we’ll show you the cool new icons the new game will have.

All New Icons List FIFA 23 Mobile

When a new game is announced usually people are excited to know what the new changes will be, some of them can be a little bit too excited. There are some people who take it a bit further and try to know the changes before anyone else, and there’s where leakers come into play.

The FIFA games have already had some notable and notorious leakers in recent years and this year is not so different. We’re not here to argue the ethics of leaking but the information is now out there because of them and we’re here to share it for those who want to be spoiled. If you don’t want to be spoiled then I suggest backing out.

Remember that these are leaks and may be subject to changes when the game actually comes out, so keep that in mind.

Now in FIFA there are Icon Players that you can get in the game. This represents legenday players in the actual sport as they made a huge impact in the sport and are immortalized through them being high quality Icon Players in the game. This is to show how were such legendary players but also to show the actual players of the games from a glance that these players are great to get.

Source: Fut Sheriff

Here are the leaked new Icons for FIFA Mobile 23:

Source: TAS GAMING – YouTube
Source: TAS GAMING – YouTube
Source: TAS GAMING – YouTube

There is also news of some Icons being downgraded, with one notable player being Okocha which had made the rounds in Twitter and had mixed reactions from fans.

Source: Fut Sheriff

As you can see, there’s big changes coming to FIFA Mobile 23, so keep an eye out for more news as we near the release date. Big thanks to TAS GAMING for covering the leaks for everyone to know, you can check his video out for more details here: NEW ICONS IN FIFA MOBILE 23 🤯🤯 – YouTube

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