Final Fantasy XIV: Petalouda Hunt Guide

Catch the Petalouda successfully!

Final Fantasy 14 is crawling with powerful enemies and bosses. One of the enemies you will encounter is the Petalouda and you will need to catch them to complete the Petalouda hunt quest. This guide will show you how to catch the Petalouda enemies successfully. 

How to Start the Quest

To start the quest, you need to travel to The Ocular and talk to Hythlodaeus. After talking to him and accepting the quest, go down the stairs and talk to him again, who is now standing beside the giant tree. You need to hunt the Petalouda which spawns around the area. 

How to Catch the Weakened Petalouda

The Petalouda spawns in the area near the giant tree. The Petalouda is a flying, butterfly-like creature that comes in different colors. To complete the quest, you need to catch 2 Petalouda in the area using the aetheric rope. 

You need to weaken the Petalouda first so start by attacking it  Once you get the Petalouda down to less than a quarter of its HP, place the aetheric rope to capture the enemy. After capturing the 2 Petalouda, bring them back to Hythlodaeus and he will reward you with Sophist equipment. 

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