Final Fantasy XIV: In Search of Hermes Guide

How to Do In Search of Hermes FFXIV Quest

This game has come a long way from the fiasco that was version 1.0. Overall, Square Enix has done a great job completely remaking the game and optimizing everything that failed in the first. This game gives you plenty of options, the ability to quest, crafting. Lots of lore and character development to discover. Another great diversion is the Logs you have access to.

In Search of Hermes Guide Final Fantasy XIV

So how do you do this quest? Simply after accepting the quota move in the direction of Philomytes Notos.

Go north until you reach Anagornisis with whom you should talk.

Then turn right and continue straight until you reach Hermes. After looking at the cut scene, head towards the tree on the right. 

Here you need to find Adventurous Ambystoma and with that, you will finish the quest In Search of Hermes.

It’s a pretty easy quest to be done. 

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