Find The Geometry Dash: How To Get Catastrophic – Difficulties Zone 5

Just dodge the light to get this difficulty!

Find The Geometry Dash just got a new update and there are more difficulties to discover. In Zone 5, there are 19 (as we know of) littered around the map for players to look for, and in this guide, I’m going to tell you how to find the Catastrophic difficulty in Find The Geometry Dash.

How to Find Catastrophic

Catastrophic is a Hard rarity difficulty in Find The Geometry Dash. It has a 17.6% rarity and has only been found by 2761 players of the game. You can find this difficulty in the snow region of Zone 5.

I’ll tell you how to get to the Catastrophic location in more detail below.

Just Go Up! (Don’t Die)

Once you get to Zone 5, you will see a bridge leading to a tower in the snowy map region. All you have to do is get to this tower and take the platform upward. 

This is the bridge leading to Catastophic

Once you enter the tower, Press E to activate the platform; it should take you to the top. 

The challenge is that you can’t touch the glowing portions. As the platform rises, you will encounter glowing portions of light. Avoid them. If you touch them, you will be sent down and will have to try again to get to the top.

The glowing fields you need to avoid.

Once you successfully avoid all of these traps, it’s straightforward from there. At the top, the Catastrophic difficulty badge will be waiting for you to take!

The Catastrophic badge waiting on a ledge.

And that’s it on how to find Catastrophic! Nothing too difficult, so make sure to check out our other guides like how to get Cozy in Find the Geometry Dash to get them all!


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