Lost Ark – Artist Skins & How To Get Them

You need to look good while doing raids!

Cosmetics in MMORPGs is something that a lot of players try to get as much of. Even hardcore PVPers and Raiders succumb to trying to look good and worrying about aesthetics. You don’t want to be that one guy that’s just using the default item set, you need to mix and match and even get some skins!

In Lost Ark each class can have different skins and some of them can be found through the store. One of the classes, the Artist, doesn’t have that many skins yet in the western servers. For those who are looking for the their skins though here’s how you get them!

Artist Skins & How To Get Them In Lost Ark

So in Lost Ark usually you can find skins for your character in the Lost Ark Shop. There you can buy different skins, but they can get quite pricey for most people. So where else can you find these skins for your character? Here’s another way!

Go to the towns in the game and look for the [Exchange Rapport] NPCs in them. Once you go there talk to them to see the Exchange window.

There’s two tabs there, Rapport and Skin, of course we’ll want to go to the latter. Once you’re there you’ll see the different skins you can get for your character! The thing is it needs a certain type of currency!

That currency is Providence Stones, and you can actually get them through a number of quests and even story quests in the game.

You can also go check your Task window and search “Providence Stone” for the rewards and you’ll see which quest gives you that item!

Congratulations you now know how to get Skins for your Artist in Lost Ark, now go out there and farm those Providence Stones! It’s great to know that they still give a free option for people to get these skins. Well, it’s not really free since you pay with your time!

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