Find the Memes: How to Get Skibidi Minion

Technically, it’s two memes in one. But how do you find it?

As the title implies, Find the Memes is a Roblox game all about running around the world and searching for all kinds of old and new memes. From dancing Toothless (without the Driftveil City music, unfortunately) to Minecraft Steve, there are a whole bunch of iconic characters and images to find. In this guide, we’ll be showing you how to get the newly added Skibidi Minion!

How to Get Skibidi Minion

In order to find the Skibidi Minion, you must first head over to the city either by teleporting or flying there and make your way to the building where Bill Gates is in.

The Eblox CEO NPCis standing beside the entrance of the building, making it very hard to miss. There is also a giant picture of a dog on the roof.

Find the Memes player approaching the Bill Gates building

Once inside, immediately turn around and you will see renowned rapper Eazy E standing beside a locked door with a dancing Snoop Dogg inside. Open this door by inputting the code “4200” and pressing the Enter button.

Find the Memes player standing beside the keypad and eazy e

When the door opens, go inside and fly up through the reflective ceiling. The Skibidi Minion will be right in front of you once you pass through the ceiling, so just walk up to it and add it to your collection.

If you can’t fly, there is also supposedly an invisible staircase in Snoop Dogg’s room that will help you get up there. Otherwise, you will need to get boosted by at least 2 other people forming a human ladder.

Just be careful not to fall down while in this room, because you can drop into the void if you miss the invisible platforms or fail the jump while being boosted up.

Find the Memes player approaching the skibidi minion

And that is everything you need to know in order to find the new Skibidi Minion meme in this collecting game. While you’re here, check out our guide on how to find Mike Wazowski in Find the Memes if you haven’t already gotten him!


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