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Forgotten Memories Map

Five Night’s at Freddie’s is pretty popular, so popular that it managed to ooze its way to other platforms like Roblox, which is why we now have Forgotten Memories. Who knew that the fantasy would continue on? Well, it definitely isn’t you since you’re out here reading guides.

But that’s okay, the game handles differently from you normally expect from a normal FNAF session. There’s plenty of ways to die and survive in Forgotten Memories. To prevent one of those mishaps from happening to you read the rest of the guide below so you won’t have to experience getting stuffed!

Forgotten Memories Complete Guide

In Forgotten Memories, you and your friends happened to be trapped inside of a seemingly abandoned Pizza Parlor. The goal? Survive until the sun rises, which translates to 6AM. This is made easier if you live in a country that doesn’t acknowledge daylight savings.

Since this is based off the earlier FNAF games you and your party will need to survive for six consecutive nights. Other than dodging the animatronics, you also have to keep a close eye on your oxygen and power levels.

You can also buy cosmetics and flashlights with your cash from the Character Store. The shop is located near Freddy Gas.

Forgotten Memories Lantern

During the first night you only have to worry about Freddy and the Marionette. Instead of being strapped to a chair all night long, you have complete freedom over where you want to go.

You also have a map to help you understand the area around you as an alternative to managing security cameras.

Camp the Marionette’s curtain by having someone stationed there. Make sure to always have it closed by pressing “E” on your keyboard if you don’t want anyone to get killed. Freddy will just roam the lower half of the map covering places like the Entrance and Dining area.

Forgotten Memories Marionette

Another thing you have to worry about is your Oxygen levels. It’s pretty straightforward, you run out of it, you asphyxiate. That translates to you running out of air and dying.

If the oxygen gets cut off, you need to run over to the arcade and restart the ventilation system. You can find the switch to the left of the Prize Counter.

Forgotten Memories Prize Counter

If you get to the second night a new challenger will start shaking things up for you. It’s Bonnie, and she roams the lower left portion of the map.

Covering areas that even Freddy wouldn’t dare visit. What you need to do to dodge her is hide inside of the lockers whenever you’re outside of the office.

Forgotten Memories Bonnie

Night three adds in Foxy. His route slightly overlaps with Freddy’s whenever he leaves Pirate’s Cove. This route extends all the way to the security office. While he might be a difficult animatronic to deal with since he’s always on roids when running, you can counter that easily by flashing him.

Do that with your flashlight or any other light source available. Your other options include a lantern and a lighter. Both can be bought at the shop for a cool $10,000 and $4,000 respectively. After a set amount of time Foxy will return to the cove on his own.

Forgotten Memories Foxy

The fourth night will introduce base building into the game to fully stimulate your senses, Chica also gets involved. One of those statements is a joke. Chica roams around the generator halls on the upper left side of the building.

Coincidentally, this is where you need to go whenever the power runs out. And if you know your horror games then you’ll know that there’s no such thing as a steady supply of electricity.

Luckily, Chica’s field of vision is so bad that it’s quite easy to simply walk behind her and wait for her to turn a corner. You can use this short time to mess with the switches again and bring the power back.

Forgotten Memories Chica

Or you can just stare at her to make sure she doesn’t move. Don’t get too close as she still sometimes moves anyway even if you’re looking.

What you can do instead is have a friend nearby to bring the generators back up while staring her down. You can do that the other way around as well.

Forgotten Memories Chica

Another thing you should always keep an eye on are the shutters. They’re in the same room where Marionette is.

Feel free to have these closed whenever you’re being chased to de-aggro anyone who’s out roaming the halls. Don’t close them too early as well, these shutters can kill players if they don’t make it across in time.

Forgotten Memories Shutters

I’d like to thank RyioKart for sharing us with these tips and tricks on how to crush this game. Make sure to check their videos as well, it’s pretty funny: One of the best FNAF games on Roblox | Forgotten Memories | Guide & Review.

And that’s what you should keep in mind whenever you play Forgotten Memories. Remember to turn on Performance Mode if you’re using a potato computer!

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